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Reapportionment plan decision will not be appealed

by Andrew Henderson

The legal challenge to the reapportionment plan approved by the Oswego County Legislature is being put on hold for now, according to Legislator Dan Farfaglia.

Oswego County Court Judge Norman Seiter recently dismissed the reapportionment lawsuit filed against the county. There was talk of an appeal, but that’s been put on hold.

“After careful thought and consideration, we are not appealing Mr. Seiter’s decision because of timing issues,” said Farfaglia, who was one of the 11 plaintiffs in the lawsuit. “But we are not done fighting this very questionable scheme. We are simply putting our efforts on hold and intend resume the legal battle to rectify this travesty later this year.

Every decade after the U.S. census is completed, most legislative bodies in this nation have to alter district lines so that they represent an approximately equal number of people per district.

“There are also a set of laws in place to guide this process, like not splitting towns and communities unnecessarily,” said Farfaglia. “These laws are not optional. The majority party members of the county legislature have ignored most of the rules in place in order to produce a politically-motivated plan that benefits no one but themselves.”

Farfaglia said that country residents will have to “tolerate the borders of many county legislative districts, which unnecessarily splits communities” for one term.

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