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Poetry Corner: Groundhog Negotiations

by Jim Farfaglia

Before we begin another season
sharing this space I call my backyard
and you call
Jim’s All You Can Eat Garden Salad Buffet
let us make a pact:

I promise to fence in my vegetables
with the finest grade chicken wire,
if you promise to not find
ever creative ways
to chew through, dig under or scale over it.

You also agree to not burrow
yet another passageway under my shed
that will lead to your, no doubt,
quite comfortable one room bungalow,
if I agree to not use gravel, plywood,
broken cement blocks and old railroad ties,
attempting to barricade your existing routes.

You also have my word
that I will no longer
repeatedly rap on my kitchen window,
trying to scare the bejesus out of you,
if you, in turn, stop telling
more and more of your relatives
how great this place is
and they really should pack up and join you

since there’s plenty here to eat and –
other than some strange window-tapping guy –
the neighbors are real friendly.

Poetry Corner: Titanic

by Jim Farfaglia


Though it happened one hundred years ago
it still seems as shocking as front page news,
the details of that tragedy
filling the ocean liner of our hearts
and carrying our compassion
down to the depths.

Maybe it was the way
rich died with poor –
their bodies wrapped in jewels
or in tatters –
mixing in those frigid waters.

Or maybe it was how wrong
even brilliant shipbuilders can be,
shocked to learn of their unsinkable promise
colliding with fate
and broken..

But perhaps the greatest of ironies
is how it seemed her dream drowned that day
and was given up as lost –
yet in song, story and moving picture

she rises, again and again,
inviting those of us who believe in hope
to climb aboard.

Poetry Corner: On Easter Morning

by Jim Farfaglia

On Easter Morning

She was the wisest of the herd,
raising her head first, ears swiveling –
certain how quickly this grazing field
could become danger.
I nod to her, respectfully.

She nudges her youngest
and I watch her warn those fawning eyes,
like only a parent can do,
protecting their young.
I wink at her, knowingly.

And when she hears my clumsy steps
she leads the others to cover,
ending this moment of communion
that began my day so holy.
I thank her, heartily.

Poetry Corner: March Into Summer

by Jim Farfaglia

March Into Summer

When we fight the morning fog
and not a blinding snowstorm.
When peepers chirp and find a mate
though spring has not been born.

When May flowers break through the ground
well ahead of April raindrops.
When walking ‘round the bridges
brings on sweat that never stops,

then we know our weather’s gone amiss
which makes us start to wonder
what we’ll all be talking ‘bout
when we finally get to summer.

Poetry Corner: March Gladness

by Jim Farfaglia

The first green fingers poke through,
testing conditions on this side of thawing ground,
happy to report back: The coast is clear!

Basketball team flags wave from porches.
No one has seen the neighborhood this cheerful
since Christmas.

The track team takes their practice outside,
first day in shorts & T-shirts, their bare knees
punching out a race route.

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