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その中で引越見積もり相場の安い業 引越し見積もり 者の口コミなどをいろいろと調べ、
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Jim Farfaglia

Poetry Corner: Father’s Day Gifts

by Jim Farfaglia   Sitting in the bleachers, watching that 3-pointer leave your fingers, after watching you practice it for hours under our streetside basket. Seeing it follow my hopes, as it falls through the net.   Listening in the audience, picking out your voice from all your chorus mates. Hearing it hit that satisfying(…)

Poetry Corner: 33 1/3

by Jim Farfaglia 33 1/3 Today’s digital music holds nothing compared to how I once held those timeless vinyl discs, each with a tiny hole that fit them so neatly atop my turntable   where they slowly ran in circles and where I gently set upon them a diamond needle and listened   as my(…)

Poetry Corner: The Gauchos

by Jim Farfaglia The Gauchos Memorial Day Weekend, 1968. A 9 year old boy leans against his bicycle, waiting in anticipation, just across the street from the Nestles parking lot.   He watches them prepare for the parade: tuning their horns, strapping on their drums, shining their wooden rifles,   then follows them through their(…)

Poetry Corner: Apple Blossoms

by Jim Farfaglia They smile from slender branches, happy to have survived the winter, their sweet joy perfuming the air whenever the wind happens through.   They drop off one by one and gather on the new-green grass: a fruit tree’s lucky coins, tossed on a backyard wishing pond.   They look back at their(…)

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