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Poetry Corner: Dinner Guests

by Jim Farfaglia


Four and twenty blackbirds

baking in this August heat

fly into my backyard

and rest in the cool evening shade.


They peck at my mowed lawn for hors d’oeuvres,

take turns at the feeder for today’s entrée,

then use my larger-than-life fingerbowl

to wash the weariness from their day.


There’s not a feather of color on any of them.

Their call carries not a note of beauty.

But I love how they flutter when I say hello,

how they scatter and disappear


and how they always come back.

Poetry Corner: More Than A Fair Haven

by Jim Farfaglia


Into the trunk of the old Ford

went lounge chairs, charcoal and the ice chest.

Into the back seat went the four of us,

sweaty and squeezed tight –

all jockeying for a window seat


to better scan the windy roads,

and check off the landmarks along the way:

The stoplight where 104 and 3 meet.

The old laundromat in Hannibal.

The steep curve through the valley of Sterling.

And finally, rising like a promised land,

the water tower of its village.


We tried to keep still

as Dad drove that long road into the park,

but as soon as we’d stopped at the ticket booth

necks would start straining,

wanting to be the first to claim

I see it! –


that Great Lake,

with its sandy expanse to lie back on and dream,

its bone-chilling channel to dive into

and the long arm of its pier to venture out on.

All of it – that endless day of fun –


a million miles from the humdrum of life.

Poetry Corner: The Gossip

by Jim Farfaglia

The Gossip


She swoops in each morning,


ready to stick her nose

in everybody’s business,

to drink in

every juicy detail.


So off she darts –

visiting Violet,

dropping in on Daisy,

lingering with Lily,

and careful not to skip

even one Rose of Sharon.


Finally, at the day’s end,

she leaves quite satisfied,

the whole neighborhood humming

with all that she shared.


CNY Arts Center launches new arts camp

As Arty’s Day Camp approaches, preparations are underway to provide students with a comfortable and stimulating environment.

In their new location at the Park Street entrance of State Street Methodist Church in Fulton, CNY Arts Center is organizing five days of artistic enrichment from July 16-20.

Children ages seven to 18 years old may participate in writing, theatre, art, or dance during the brand new week long arts camp.

Jim Farfaglia and Karen Burke will teach “Sizzling Summer Sensations,” the writing track of Arty’s Day Camp.

The team will guide children through story, dialogue, and character development, while learning to capture the details all great writers must include.

The Art track will give students two instructors to work with — Marissa L. Hill and Bonnie McClellan, giving them a variety of technique.

Lesson plans include instruction in ink drawing, sketches, and sculpting Garbage Monsters while igniting their creative intuition.

Leading the Theatre track is CNY Arts Center Director Nancy Fox.  With her experience in theatre of more than 30 years, she will lead her students to develop stage presence and deliver believable characterizations.

Students will have five days of improvisation, fun with props and theatre exercises.

Dance teacher Jennica Vehrs will challenge students with a passion for dance and get students off their feet and on the dance floor with a schedule of ballet, lyrical and contemporary movements, and jazz routine.

Arty’s Day Camp, organized by CNY Arts Center, is the region’s newest summer camp experience for children and will include a three-hour morning class, Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to noon.  These classes will introduce children to techniques and art experiences in the art track they choose at the time of registration.

A free lunch will be provided for all students and community children ages seven to 18 from noon to 12:30 followed by an afternoon of fun art projects, which is free and open to any child 7-18, from 12:30 to 2 p.m.

Students must pre-register whether attending full day or afternoon programming. Those seeking more information or to register may visit www.cnyartscenter.com or call 216-8790.

Poetry Corner: Puzzling

by Jim Farfaglia



Texas was always first,

the piece as big as all get out.

California was easy too,

fitting like a bent arm against the Pacific.


Florida was fun,

heading south like a hitchhiker’s thumb.

New York a cinch – my home state –

and way up north, Maine would go.


Then over to the Great Lakes

where I’d slip on Michigan’s mitten

and make a stop in the Midwest

for the piggybackin’ Dakotas.


Alaska and Hawaii were freebies –

floating off to the side in ocean blue,

and I loved how they bunched together

all those New England states – bonus!


Mississippi and Alabama went back to back,

ready for a duel,

while I pulled on Louisiana’s work boot

and picked up Oklahoma by its handle,


‘til I was down to the last few –

too rectangled, too middle-America

to tell one from the other.

But I kept at it, determined to unite those states,


to piece together the greatness of my country.

Poetry Corner: A River Runs Through Us

by Jim Farfaglia

Most days we don’t give it a thought,

our cars traveling over it so swiftly.

But if you ever get the chance to walk across

– either bridge will do –

you can almost hear its history

flowing beneath you:


The Iroquois, enchanted by its waters,

listening to its message

and living by it, peacefully.


The European explorers, passing through,

finding its churning life-force

and finding good reason to stay.


The mills – flour, paper and woolen –

its industrious waters turning wheels,

turning this settlement into a city.


The locks, bringing in the big boats,

bringing young and old to its banks,

where they watched in wonder.


The parks, havens beside its waters,

fishing in summer, skating in winter;

a pause in life’s busyness.


This mighty river,

how it moves us through time.

How it reflects our lives.

How it stirs our spirits!