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Poetry Corner: Do You Want to Know a Secret

Do You Want to Know a Secret

by Jim Farfaglia

Walking the streets of a new morning,

whistling a Beatles tune;

surprised how easily it comes to mind.


Feeling its melody pick me up,

returning me to the soundtrack of my youth;

moved by those songs of long ago.


Recalling John and Paul’s harmony,

uncovering their groovy philosophies;

abandoned as a relic of the ‘60s – now


singing its way into this day,

tapping the shoulder of my settled life;

whispered, like a welcome secret.

Poetry Corner: Painting a Picture

by Jim Farfaglia

Painting a Picture


Thank you, honking geese,

for interrupting the routine of my busyness;

inviting me to lift my eyes from this computer

and witness something greater:


the grace of your V-shaped story line,

the neighbor’s dog leaping for you in chase,

the trees that reach to tickle your bellies

and the clouds that cushion your journey.


All which inspire me, far below,

to frame this moment of beauty,

so it might forever hang

in my memory.

CNY Arts Center classes and events

Welcome to the events listing for CNY Arts Center. There’s a lot happening! Look for us here every week with the latest classes and events. Make your plans and don’t miss out! Pre-registration greatly recommended so your favorite class doesn’t fill up! Visit www.CNYArtsCenter.com for details.

• Saturday Writers’ Club Nov. 17 from 1 to 5 p.m. for ages 8-15 with Karen Burke and Jim Farfaglia. This club is for young people who like to write. Each month the instructors will offer young writers a place to learn writing skills, practice them and share their efforts with others. The club will also feature guest speakers and announce events, contests and opportunities for young writers. Students are eligible to attend one time or every month!

• Launching Your Writing Journey Nov. 17 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with Carolyn Dougherty. In this one-day class for beginning writers, we will discuss how to identify and set specific goals for projects, build confidence by reviewing basic elements of writing, and share tips to stay motivated throughout the entire writing process. Pre-registration is required.

• Oil Painting Workshop Saturday, Nov. 20 from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. with Bonnie McClellan. “Soaring Eagle” Wet on wet technique, landscapes, step by step instruction in group setting start with a blank canvas, walk out with your very own painting. Wear old clothes, smock or apron. It is a four-hour workshop with all materials provided. Pre-registration is required.

• Ink Drawing Nov. 21 from 6 to 8 p.m. with Bonnie McClellan. Learn different styles use, techniques, working with different papers and pens, brushes, adding color, drawing subjects are student’s choice. Pre-registration is required.

• Kids Day Out Saturday, Nov. 24 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Child care while you shop. There will be arts and crafts, story time, games. Qualified adults are always in charge. Please provide snack and/or lunch for your child.

• Artist Cafe Nov. 25 from 6 to 9 p.m. for those 18 years and older. Join the growing artist community at this event designed to get artists together for the love of art! Bring your portfolio to share, meet other artists of all skill levels, mediums and interests, exchange ideas and feedback and just enjoy talking with other artists. Refreshments will be available for purchase, hot beverages, cookies and other pastries.

• Artist Spotlight Nov. 28 at 7 p.m. This monthly event will feature the work of a local artist who will then teach a class at the arts center in the following month. Mixed Media Artist Kendra Matott kicks off this new program with an exhibit and presentation on her style, technique and unique art. Kendra will teach a class in January. There is no charge for this event and refreshments will be provided.

• Writing Your Holiday Gift Fridays, Nov. 30, Dec. 7 and Dec. 14 from 1 to 3 p.m. with Jim Farfaglia. During the busy holiday season why not take some time to create your loved ones a special gift of your writing. This class will help you select an appropriate topic and writing form (memoir, poetry, fiction, etc), then will guide you through the process of creating your finished gift. No previous writing experience is necessary.

The CNY Arts Center is located in the lower level of State St. Methodist Church, 357 State St., Fulton. Attendees are asked to use the Park Street entrance. Those seeking to pre-register for classes may visit www.CNYArtsCenter.com or call 592-3373.

Poetry Corner: Nature Knows

by Jim Farfaglia

Nature Knows


The potted plants are being attacked;

their soil suffering wound holes,

their dirt strewn ‘round the porch –

someone’s using them for storage.


The local groundhog drags a belly

grown full from his foraging,

making once last trip through my yard –

using himself for storage.


The deer show themselves less,

gunshots echoing their warning,

moving them deeper into the forest –

deeper into the dark


as a cricket fills the night air,

offering a song he’s practiced all season,

working on his finale –

ushering in the coming silence.

Poetry Corner: Breaking News

by Jim Farfaglia

 Breaking News


Another local paper shifts on-line.

Another step closer to the day

when a new morning no longer means

holding the latest edition in our hands.


No more news hot off the press;

breathing in a hint of fresh ink

as we scan the headlines,

deciding which story will start our day.


No comic strips tickling us, row after row.

No pages folded just so, to tackle the puzzle.

No obituaries to clip

in order to hold our loved ones a bit longer.


Sure, they promise it’ll all be on the screen:

just a click to find out what’s new,

with pictures and video to color those stories –

but that could never replace


how good it feels to stretch out at the day’s end,

slowing down as we slowly turn each page,

bringing a quiet moment to the end

of another newsworthy day.

Poetry Corner: A New Home in the Neighborhood

by Jim Farfaglia

A New Home in the Neighborhood


Someone has used the long arm of their dreams

to dig a hole in the earth,

then squared its sides with their strong will.


An old men stands at the edge of that hole

to peer into such a noble beginning,

watching as it fills with his memories:


the solid foundation of a growing family,

the heavy bricks of life’s long, steady climb,

the crushed stone of regret.


Off to the side he sees wheelbarrows and rakes,

tools that bore the loads he once carried,

that smoothed the roads he has traveled.


He takes note of the inventory: stacks of lumber,

coils of wire, tunnels of piping –

raw material to make something of this space


that a younger man will use

to raise his own dreams, to build himself

a life worth remembering.

Poetry Corner: Autumn Crocuses

by Jim Farfaglia

Autumn Crocuses


They surprise us right around Labor Day,

their purple porpoise noses breaking the surface

just when we think the garden has given us

all its beauty.


Their mother comes first, early in spring.

She’s just a lot of greenery that starts the season

with a promising How do you do,

but offers nothing in the way of a blossom.


Then, as the summer heats up,

mom dies back,

and her little ones watch from below

while everyone else shows off their best color –


until today:

the bigger kids heading back to school,

a cold wind turning the page of our calendar

and, just when life shows signs of slowing down,


they show up.

Poetry Corner: Polaroid

by Jim Farfaglia



I felt like royalty, owning one.


Like I alone had been chosen to decide

what was best forgotten

and what should instantly remain.


So I’d raise that black box with both hands,

look out at the world with a good eye

and press…


then out would slide a square of darkness,

all murky and mysterious,

untouchable ‘til it dried.


And I’d watch the world come into focus,

witnessing a moment already gone by,

believing it was all in my hands to capture it.