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After a Summer Storm

by Jim Farfaglia

The sky pulls back its curtain

and the world, light again,

is revealed:

Every flower, every greenery,

battered by the rain,

bows to its power.

The oak and the maple,

having gallantly faced the tempest,

raise their arms in jubilation.

Street and roadside streams,

carrying tales of sound and fury,

gather to chatter away while the mourning dove,

who’s survived it all before, circles the world with a calming coo.

What’s Happening at CNY Arts Center? July 10, 2013

It’s time for ARTY Day Camp, which starts this Monday, July 15 and runs through Friday, July 19. We still have spots open and scholarship funds available for this camp each day from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for ages 5 to 15.

Participants may choose from art, writing, dance or theater and spend five days exploring their favorite art, have lunch and create special group art projects in the afternoon. Friday, parents will join us for a special presentation. Camp takes place at the State Street Methodist Church in Fulton. Find us on the Park Street side of the church.

Visit www.CNYArtsCenter.com for more information.

Art classes continue with Oil Painting Wednesday, July 17 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Taught by Bonnie McClellan, this class will paint “Sunset Geese” and students will go home with a completed original painting.

Author Spotlight, also July 17 from 7 to 9pm, will introduce Jim Farfaglia’s newest book, “People, Places & Things, the Powerful Nouns of My Life.” As CNY Arts Center’s writing coordinator, Farfaglia will share excerpts from his latest book of poetry; will talk about his process of writing; and will also work with those in attendance to create a “group poem.”

Leslie Paice continues her Introductory Stained Glass series Thursdays, July 18 through Aug. 29 for ages 16 and up from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Make a stained glass panel using the leaded method; be introduced to copper foil method; andlearn glass selection, cutting, grinding, soldering, framing, hanging and patina techniques. Some patterns provided or help adapting your custom design.

Writers on the Road, set for July 20, is a one-day class for all writers to explore how artwork can inspire and prompt their work. The program will take place at CNY Arts Center’s “Arts in the Heart” Gallery, located at 47 S. First St., downtown Fulton. Instruction will be provided to guide participants as they write short pieces inspired by the artwork on display at the Gallery.

Brittney Jerred offers Journal Entries – On a Personal Note as a one-time workshop July 22 from 4 to 8 p.m. Learn voice, colorful writing, and “showing – not telling” writing journal entries based on real-life experiences. Bring a lunch and be ready to write! Writing projects (blog) will be published on the internet. Bring laptop or pad and paper.

Kids get ready to draw your favorite super hero July 23 from 1 to 4 p.m. in a great new class for ages 8 to 15: Art of Heroes: Learning to draw Super Heroes! Learn the basic steps to drawing comic book super heroes and creating your own super hero with Frank Reis. Story Time Art for 4-7 year olds returns Tuesday, July 23 from 6 to 7 p.m. with Kendra Matott. The class will read “Fancy Nancy” and design their own fancy outfits!

More great titles and fun art projects are bringing summer fun. Don’t miss out. Please pre-register at www.CNYArtsCenter.com Students are reminded to pre-register for all classes and workshops to avoid missing out. Classes and workshops charge a modest fee. Visit www.CNYArtsCenter.com for more information or call 592-3373 for details and updates and remember we bring all arts for all ages at two separate locations.

Fulton Library offers children’s writing program

“What Do Your Words Say About You?” is the latest class for young writers being offered by the Fulton Public Library.

For youth ages 8-13, the week-long program will feature engaging activities for those who love to write and want to improve their skills.

The program will take place at the library from July 29 through Aug. 2 from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. daily.

Instructors for the class are Karen Burke and Jim Farfaglia.

Burke is a former teacher from the Oswego City School District and Farfaglia is retired from the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau. Both have spent recent years developing their own writing as well as sharing their ideas with others by leading classes.

“We are happy to have Karen and Jim back to provide programming for young writers,” said Betty Maute, director of the Fulton Public Library.

Burke said. “Writing, teaching and working with young people is a winning trio for me. I’m excited about the opportunity to spark interest in young writers and to enjoy the enthusiasm that young people bring to a new experience.”

Farfaglia said, “It is always a pleasure to work with young people who love to write. Karen and I are planning an interactive program, with lots of activities to stir creative minds and inspire good writing.”

There is no fee for this program. A snack will be served each day. There is a limited number of slots available for the class and those interested should call 315-592-5159.

Once registered, participants will have their name put in a lottery. The class will be selected randomly from all names submitted.

Local writer to present new book

Local author and writing instructor Jim Farfaglia has released his second book of poems, “People, Places & Things: The Powerful Nouns of My Life.”

A reading from the book is planned for April 11 at 6 p.m. at the river’s end bookstore.

“This book takes a different look at life than my first poetry collection, ‘Country Boy’,” Farfaglia stated. “That book was a testimonial to my rural upbringing and extended family of muck farmers. This book has a wider perspective, taking a look at the people, places and things that have influenced my life. Like the first book, it is a book of gratitude, but it also addresses some of the life’s challenges.”

Farfaglia’s career as a writer began when he retired from his job with the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau, where he oversaw the operation of Camp Hollis, a residential camp located on Lake Ontario in Southwest Oswego.

Toward the end of that career, he co-authored a book about the longstanding recreational program entitled “Camp Hollis: The Origins of Oswego County’s Children’s Camp.”

“By helping with that book, I realized I wanted to spend more time writing and assisting others who want to write,” Farfaglia noted. “In addition to my reading at the river’s end, the evening will also feature three new writers, Ali Martin, Margaret Nichols and Diane Sokolowski, who have taken a class from me and have shown excellent writing skills.”

The program at the river’s end will also be announcing a series of classes Farfaglia will teach at the bookstore; the first class is entitled “Doorways: How to Turn Memories into Memoirs.”

Class on ‘Writing Through Grief’ to be held

A program about how writing can help people understand and work with their grief is being offered at the CNY Arts Center in Fulton.

Writing instructor Jim Farfaglia will share a variety of writing activities that offer a different way to interpret grief and new approaches to accepting it.

“People deal with grief in many ways,” Farfaglia said. “For some, writing can be a powerful tool to begin understanding and accepting our grief. This class should not be seen as a form of therapy or counseling, but as a comfortable and safe setting to begin looking at how writing our thoughts and concerns can help in the healing process and  how it can give us a new perspective on our challenging times.”

The class will offer participants examples of how others have written about their grief, and will include writing prompts for both in-class and outside of class. No previous writing experience is necessary.

It will be offered as a four-week class and will run the following Fridays: March 1, 8, 15 and 22 from 1 to 3 p.m. Participants need to be 18 years of age or older.

There is a fee for the class. Those seeking more information or to register may call the CNY office at 592-3373. The CNY Arts Center is located at 357 State St., Fulton.


Two writing classes to be held in Fulton

139015477The CNY Arts Center has two programs for people who love to write or would like to explore being a writer this new year.

“Introduction To Poetry” with instructor Jim Farfaglia takes a relaxed look at the world of poetry.

This class introduces students to the world of poetry in a fun, relaxed fashion.

Time in each class will be spent exploring different types of poetry and writing our own poetry. No previous writing experience is necessary.

This six-week class will run Thursdays from 2 to 4 p.m. beginning Jan. 10 and ending Feb. 14.

“My New Year’s Resolution: Write,” led by instructor Brittney Jerred, will start your New Year off right with a commitment to your writing projects.

Participants can use this full-day workshop to learn the value of timed writing, ways to develop good habits, and how to share with a listening audience.

Story starters which focus on true life will be provided. The last part of the workshop will be dedicated to developing individual projects and goal setting.

No previous writing experience necessary.

Participants should bring a bagged lunch. The class will be held Saturday, Jan. 12 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a half-hour for lunch.

Both classes will be held at the CNY Arts Center, located at 357 State Street in Fulton.

Those seeking more information or to register may call 592-3373 or visit www.cnyartscenter.com.

December 31st

by Jim Farfaglia

The days of our year
have been collected,
each placed in a sack
we have labeled 2012.

This bag has grown fat –
filled with April’s blossoms,
August’s dog days,
October’s tumble-leaves.

Now, near the year’s end,
time slows to a standstill,
the sack offering one last chance
to remember and reflect…

until we arrive at today,
the year bundled complete,
and we fall into slumber – awakening
to the empty sack of a new year.

Moving Pictures

by Jim Farfaglia

Moving Pictures


Nowadays we slip in a DVD

and watch stories on a small screen,

hoping they’ll dazzle us –

but they’ll never match the movies we saw

at the State and Avon Theatres.


The larger-than-life epics played at the State,

their grandness filling our imaginations;

while the Avon offered those cowboy serials,

such cliffhanging excitement

riding into town each week.


Matinees were 10 cents for kids,

60 cents for us teenagers,

and with the girls escorted by bow-tied ushers

and the boys following behind carrying popcorn,

we found the way to our favorite seats.


Then we’d relax back, awaiting that dream world;

the chandeliers hanging above us

like distant stars to reach for,

the curtains drawing open

like the beginning of a new life…


On the way home we’d stop for ice cream,

maybe a dance near the jukebox,

and the telling and retelling of our favorite scenes.

We were back in small-town Fulton, yes,

but with our dreams, it seemed, a bit closer.