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Jerry Kasperek

Jerry’s Journal: June 9, 2012

by Jerry Kasperek Ten cents for a cup of coffee — that’s highway robbery! — was the response Andy Butler got from his customers at the Green and White Diner when he upped the price of a cup of coffee from a nickel to a dime. “I thought they’d run me out of town,” he(…)

Jerry’s Journal: May 26, 2012

Jerry’s Journal: May 26, 2012

by Jerry Kasperek The Green and White Diner was a familiar landmark in old downtown Fulton. It had a prime location on South First Street. It sat just off Oneida Street near the foot of the Lower Bridge. Stories about its origin and early life abound. One accounting says it came on wheels, which couldn’t(…)

Jerry’s Journal: May 12, 2012

by Jerry Kasperek Oops! I therefore offer a sincere apology to Jean and Wesley Prent for incorrectly stating in my last column that he was her “late” husband. Some reporter I am! My assumption that he was no longer with us was because I had not seen the two together for quite awhile as I’d(…)

Jerry’s Journal: April 28, 2012

by Jerry Kasperek Who remembers Harper’s? Apparently I didn’t a couple of columns ago. It was a women’s clothing store on South First Street in our old downtown and Jean Prent was the efficient young woman behind the counter who took your money when you made a purchase or when you wanted to pay on(…)

Jerry’s Journal: April 14, 2012

Jerry’s Journal: April 14, 2012

by Jerry Kasperek A fire! Oh, no! It might be Lynn and Dennis’ house on fire and somebody might still be in it! The phone call had said as much. My heart pounded as Ed and I grabbed our coats that bitter cold January day only to quickly realized we couldn’t get anywhere near the(…)

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