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Cloonan confirmed as Oswego County commissioner of jurors

by Carol Thompson

James Cloonan has been confirmed as the next Oswego County commissioner of jurors by the Fifth Judicial Court Administration.

Cloonan will begin his new position May 24, just four days after his 51st birthday.

“All the paperwork has been done and I’m waiting for my security card,” he said Wednesday. “I’m anxious to get back into public service.”

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Cloonan under consideration for Commissioner of Jurors job

by Carol Thompson

The announcement of the retirement of Oswego County Commissioner of Jurors Francis Wallace has left the New York State Fifth Judicial District to select his replacement.

Former Oswego Republican Chairman and Port of Oswego Authority employee James Cloonan is in the running for the position. Sources said Legislator Kevin Gardner is also seeking the job.

No one can speak on the record because official notification has not been made, but those close to the issue said Cloonan is the front runner.

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