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Employee beats insubordination charge

An employee of the Oswego County Clerk’s office won’t be suspended for 30 days without pay for failing to train another employee. The employee was charged with insubordination in late August for refusing to show a fellow employee how to do certain work because the employee did not feel comfortable training others. Much of the work of the County Clerk’s office is being done by Info Quick Solutions, Inc. of Liverpool, the company that holds the data imaging contract with the clerk’s office.

Although record indexing was supposed to be brought back in-house at the first of the year, it has not been returned and employees in the clerk’s office have not performed indexing work since IQS took it over several years ago.

The county pays the company to provide the indexing service despite having index clerk’s in the clerk’s office. The employees claim IQS does the indexing differently than it is done in the office and the employees are not familiar with the manner in which IQS indexes.

The employee fought the insubordination charge based on fact that two new positions had been added to the clerk’s office for the purpose of training.

The position of deputy clerk of operations was added and a portion of the job description requires training. A senior index clerk position was added at the first of the year in anticipation of the indexing to be brought back to the clerk’s office. Training is also the responsibility of the senior index clerk.

by Carol Thompson

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