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Inmates fare better than nursing home residents

Inmatesby Carol Thompson

An inmate in a New York State prison receives a dollar a day, or $30 per month. A resident in a nursing home is allowed $50 per month from their Social Security check, however, once telephone and cable services are paid, that amount is reduced to $21.

“We provide inmates with the bare necessities,” said New York State Department of Corrections spokesperson Linda Foglia. The dollar per day the inmates receive can be used at the commissaries to purchase additional food or personal hygiene items. The inmates may decide to use the money to order a book or magazine subscription, Foglia noted.

The inmates are fed three meals a day and are provided enough hygiene products to get by with.

Roxanne Stuart, a resident of the Michaud Residential Health Care facility for more than 19 years, said the $50 monthly that she is allowed from her Social Security check, the equivalent of $1.67 per day, pays for her television cable and her phone bill. She noted that she receives no senior citizen discount.

Stuart pays $25 to have her phone and $4 for cable. That leaves her $21 to spend on a haircut, toiletries and outside activities.

The home provides her with a body wash that doubles as a shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste, all generic brands. She said. “That’s where your $50 goes.”

Stuart said the residents of the facility are provided three meals a day, as are the prisoners, but there is much she must pay for out of the $21.

“The inmates have their clothing paid for,” she said. “We have to pay for our clothing.”

Stuart added, “If your clothing is lost, it isn’t replaced. They tell us it will show up sooner or later.”

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