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Hodgepodge: Sept. 15, 2012

by Roy Hodge

On a recent morning, I drove past a local school just in time to see a line of young children being taken outside by their teachers for a recess (or maybe a fire drill). They were dressed for school and were neat and clean, but also ready for the playground.

The boys were wearing jeans, sweat pants, or casual pants, and T-shirts, many of them with clever sayings or business names and logos. Most of the boys wore sneakers.

Some of the girls also wore jeans, but they looked nice – no ripped away knees. Some of them were wearing shorter pants, but I didn’t notice any short-shorts.  There may have been a few dresses among them. The girls that weren’t wearing sneakers had sandals.

Of course, my mind traveled quickly back to when I was in elementary school. When I returned home that day I immediately looked for and found a photo that was taken when I was in fourth or fifth grade at McKinley school. We were posing for a class photo so we were maybe even a little neater than the group of kids that I saw, but we were definitely wearing our school clothes.

Back then, kids wore “nicer” clothes to school, and changed into “play” clothes when we got home.

The first thing I noticed in my fourth grade photo was that every girl in that photo was wearing a dress – a cute little lady-like dress and loafers or more fancy strap-on shoes.

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Roy Hodge

Hodgepodge: March 24, 2012

by Roy Hodge

“Why would anyone have eight kinds of mustard in their refrigerator?” asked the person who wasn’t looking for mustard.

“Eight, we only have eight!?” the only other person in the house exclaimed.  “We must have emptied the other five or six jars.”

Okay, let’s take a look at the mustard in our refrigerator.  When you open the door the first mustard you spot are the ones in the squeeze bottles.

They stand out because they are in the shelf on the inside door of the refrigerator, the bottles are larger, and in the case of French’s “Classic Yellow” mustard, the brightest.

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