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Granby’s Water District #6 defeated by vote

by Nicole Reitz

Water District #6 in the Town of Granby was defeated by a vote of 102 to 79 Tuesday.

The vote comes as a disappointment to those who struggle with bad well water, wells going dry, and in some cases, e-coli in the water.

Two wells in Water District #6 tested positive for E. coli. Granby Town Supervisor Ed Williamson said that the county has condemned these wells and the residents are buying their own clean water.

Williamson believes that the debt service was expensive for some and this played into the decision when voting.

If the vote was approved, home and land owners in Water District #6 would have needed to pay $535 over the course of a 38-year mortgage.

Although Williamson is not happy with the way the vote went, he is satisfied with the voter turnout. One hundred and eighty-one out of a possible 258 residents voted. Those who are living out of state for the winter months were not able to vote as there were no absentee ballots.

Water District #6 could go up for another vote in the future. Williamson said he is in contact with the offices of U.S. Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, as well as state Senator Patty Ritchie, to see if there is more money available to the district, which would take a monetary burden off of the people.

“As a town we will continue to look for federal and state monies to hopefully provide clean and cheaper water to our residents,” said Williamson.