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Class of 2014 graduates from Bodley

All G. Ray Bodley graduation photos taken by Kelly LeVea

Valedictorian Michael Holcomb’s speech:

Thank you Mr. Greene, Mr. Charles, Mrs. Parkhurst, Mr. Lynch, members of the board of eductaion. Thanks also to family and friends that have chosen to attend the ceremony, and of course my fellow members of the class of 2014.

As I was writing this speech I would constantly hear two phrases that irked me.

First: “It doesn’t really matter what you say, no one will remember it down the road anyways.” Second: “All graduation speeches sound the same: ‘We made it,’ or ‘We did it,’” and so on. Continue reading

Class of 2014 graduates from Birdlebough High

All Phoenix graduation photos by Debra J. Groom

Valedictorian Ian Evans’ speech:

If school was a game, we won.

I would like to take a moment to welcome everyone to the class of 2014 graduation. Superintendent Belfield, Principal Molloy, Mr. Rudy and the members of the Board of Education, fellow students, parents, family and friends, we are extremely grateful that you are able to join us to celebrate this milestone in our lives.

Looking back on our journey, we can see how much we have really changed.  Continue reading