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In And Around Hannibal: August 11, 2012

by Rita Hooper

Well today (Tuesday last) I find myself in Millinocket, Maine. That’s not downeast it’s up in the back woods. This is logging country.  Perhaps you’ve seen the television series on loggers – well Millinocket is one of the places used in that series.  It’s far enough north that the speed limit on Interstate 95 is 75 mph!

Mills have closed but there is one left in East Millinocket – people either work in the mill, the schools or tourism industry.  It’s a very laid back kind of place, not much pretense.  In some ways it reminds me of our own county but the scenery is more like the Adirondacks. It abounds in lakes and rivers, everything looks very pristine, wonder if it will be in 100 years. They are working hard to keep it that way.

Yesterday, friends took me on the Golden Road. I was fortunate to have a local science teacher for a guide. The scenic side roads are not well marked if it all. Many of the dirt roads resemble paths. Some say it is called the Golden Road because it could have been paved in gold as they figure it cost a million dollars a mile to build it. It’s sort of like Route 66 in the days of olde – you have to drive it at least once in your lifetime.  It was built by the paper companies for logging the Northern woods and is still used primarily by logging trucks.

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