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It’s Halloween: Tales of a haunted Oswego County

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County is no stranger to ghostly activity, especially this Halloween.

Step on the grave of George Jurry Fikes and the requirement is to jump over it ten times or be forever haunted.

Fikes, who died in 1782, is buried in the Fort Ontario cemetery. The British soldier died at age 27 during a fever epidemic and has been the subject of many ghostly tales. Legend also has it that if you jump over Fikes’ grave, he will haunt the person of the jumpers choosing.

The Oswego Harbor Lighthouse is another landmark shrouded by the eerie. Lights have been seen flickering on and off at night and legend has it that men lost at sea in 1942 are responsible for the phenomenal occurrence.

The legend of the Seneca Hill ghost lives on as many have reported sighting a woman in a white night gown running with child on Route 57. The woman reportedly, purportedly and allegedly plunged to her death from a barn window because she believed the world was coming to an end and it didn’t.

Distraught that the world continued after the Oct. 22, 1844 Armageddon prediction, she is said to have died but continues to frantically run the road around Nov. 5 and 6 each year.

Ghosts also wander the Gray Road in Minetto and the tales are plentiful. There’s been reported sighting of a headless horseman, a ghoulish family and the ghost of a man who supposedly was hung from a tree at the west end of the road.

The ghostly tales stretch far beyond the eastern shore of Lake Ontario.

Fraicheur (pronounced Fraser) was a tiny hamlet located at the border of the towns of Albion and Williamstown.

The main street of Fraicheur was Happy Valley Road, which ran north and south along the border of the Towns of Williamstown and Albion.

All that remains is a schoolhouse and a cemetery and is now the Happy Valley State Wildlife Management Area, more commonly known by the locals as simply Happy Valley or the haunted site. It is said to be one of the most haunted locations in Oswego County.

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