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Valley Viewpoints: Garbage rates

by Frank Castiglia, Fulton

If you didn’t attend or watch the latest Fulton Common Council meeting, you missed all of these. Let me try and make this short and sweet.

Bailout bonuses — Yes, we all remember when we had to bailout Wall Street. After the bailout, Wall Street gave out bonuses to many of their workers.

Well, here in Fulton, it is the same way. The mayor and commissioner of DPW told us all that they had to raise our garbage rates because they were over budget by $50,000.

The Saturday before the public hearing, they had up to eight workers collecting leaves at time and a half. This cost the city up to $1,500.

Now, I know someone will say they aren’t the same as the Garbage Department. Well, they all work for the same city and if you can save money in one department, you can put it in another.

The answer I got regarding the Saturday collection of leaves? “If you don’t like it, I will fix it by not doing it at all.”

Partisan speeches were given and one of them was by a former councilor who just so happens to have a son who works for the city. Another was given by a young lady who works for the city herself. They both thought it was a good idea to raise the rates and one even thought we should raise taxes.

One of them said that anyone who doesn’t pay taxes in the city shouldn’t be allowed to vote on raising rates. In the same send, we should take with a grain of salt the fact that two people who have a lot to gain from raising the rates and also the taxes should be allowed to speak at these hearings.

Now someone will say I should say something about the school taxes. I agree I don’t think any taxes should be raised school or city. I further more don’t think anyone who works for the school district should be able to vote on the school budget.

We all know that can’t be done but that’s how I feel. You can ask anyone who works with me and they will tell you that I told them not ask for any raises because the district and the public can’t afford it.

That is how the city should be as well. I know that many of the unions in the city are going without raises for up to two years. That is nice but until we get some help from the state, there shouldn’t be any. That goes for union and non-union, or administrators.

At the meeting, I learned that only two people called to complain about raising the rates so either no one else cares or you just feel that you would be wasting your breath and time. Either way, it is over and down with, but it won’t stop there. The mayor said he would raise the water and sewer as well.