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Bodley Bulletins: September 19, 2012

by Kate Rothrock

The first full week of school is over! Students are now totally back into the swing of things and going to school is part of the normal routine.

Clubs are starting up and will begin their meetings this week or next. There are many different clubs available to any student interested such as the language clubs, Hope Club, Future Business Leaders of America, Science club, and many more. They are a great way to meet new people and to get involved in the school and community. Plus, they look great on a resume or college application!

The Fultonian Yearbook is an amazing finished product but there is a lot of work that goes into it. Vanessa Langdon, editor of the 2013 yearbook, said the Yearbook Club is always looking for help and anyone can be a part of the club. Meetings are in room 102 every Tuesday.

If you buy your yearbook before Christmas it is $50 but if you wait until after Christmas it will cost $60. At an open house Sept. 26, there will be a booth for parents to buy parent ads.

This year’s Fultonian Yearbook will have a theme, making it more organized and cohesive. Students can share their photos to be used in the yearbook at www.hjeshare.com using the school code 3045662. Don’t miss this opportunity to put your favorite pictures in the yearbook!

This past week was a great week for sports. Girls soccer, boys soccer, and girls volleyball all picked up wins. The volleyball team had victories over Marcellus and Lafayette. The boys soccer team rallied for a win against Homer and the girls soccer team won against both Homer and Syracuse.

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