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Valley Viewpoints: Friendships forged

by Robbin Griffin of Fulton

I wish to express my sincerest thanks to those of you that took the time to vote in the recent school-board election. I am grateful for the support of our budget and referendums. It was a great evening for our school district and its students!

I am also grateful for the many years that you allowed me to serve as one of your representatives on the board of education. Each election left me feeling humbled as well as grateful for your confidence and trust.

Throughout my years of service, I worked to balance the needs of our students with that of our community. I wish to thank everyone of you that ever reached out to me to express your opinions, allowing me to better understand the varied ideas and needs of our students and residents.

While we may not have always agreed, I always filed away the points of concern, which caused me to pause and consider other points of view before exercising my vote on the issues.

I wish to thank our state and federal leaders for making the time to meet with myself and others to share concerns, views and sometimes brainstorm for solutions to the many issues our schools faced over the last 21 years.

I must also thank my fellow board members throughout New York State, especially those from Oswego County who allowed me to work with them in an effort to make our collective voice heard in our state and federal capitols.

My thanks to the many administrators who helped educate me about the many needs of our students here and Fulton and Oswego County.

To the many folks who served on the Fulton board over my years of service, thank you for your commitment to making the board function effectively, thank you for the many things you each taught me and for the shared humor which made the work so much more enjoyable.

To the many teachers and students of the Fulton School District and Oswego County BOCES, thank you for the many moments you shared with me over the years. I am blessed to have had so many “first day of school” moments, opportunities to read to your students and presentations that you shared with the board.

So what is my take away from all this experience? I take with me many memories that include students of all ages (some now parents themselves), long nights working on policies, contract discussions, personnel issues and capitol project planning.

I take with me years of financial learning that changed my outlook on how things work in a community. I also take with me a hefty knowledge of what it takes to make a school district run in the 21st century.

If you haven’t been asking kids what they learned recently through their education studies, you are missing out on the significant changes that have been and continue to take place in our curriculum and classrooms. Lastly, and most importantly, I take with me the greatest surprise of community service: the many treasured relationships with those I was lucky to serve with locally and beyond. I didn’t expect to get anything for my board service but must admit that the time spent with our youth and the friendships I forged made all the late nights and difficult meetings seem insignificant in comparison.

Thank you all and thank you editor for providing coverage of the important work that occurs in our public schools.