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School board to still meet at same location

by Nicole Reitz

Fulton Board of Education member Dan Pawlewicz’s suggestion to move board meetings around to the district’s six schools was rejected by 5-2 vote during Tuesday’s meeting.

Pawlewicz brought forth the idea during a previous meeting and asked the board to consider holding the twice-monthly meetings in the schools.

In his seven years as a board member, Pawlewicz said some community members have expressed that they are afraid to attend meetings at the Fulton Education Center.

“They want nothing to do with this building for one reason or another,” said Pawlewicz. “It opens up a door and makes someone a little more comfortable to walk in and see what is going on. If it works great, if it doesn’t, we gave it a shot.”

Pawlewicz was hopeful that by bringing the board’s regular meetings to the four elementary schools, the Fulton Junior High and the high school that more community members would attend and get involved.

“It’s the same people every week,” said Pawlewicz about the audience.

Those in attendance at this week’s meeting were comprised of administrators, members of the media, and those presenting to the board under the superintendent’s report.

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