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Golden Sun Bus driver and Fulton resident Martha Becker holds a poster made for her and signed by students who ride bus 478. Becker has transported three generations of families in her career.

A surprise send off for longtime school bus driver

Golden Sun Bus driver and Fulton resident Martha Becker holds a poster made for her and signed by students who ride bus 478. Becker has transported three generations of families in her career.

by Nicole Reitz

Martha Becker, a 42-year employee with Golden Sun Bus, completed her last route Thursday.

Becker, 73, has had the same route in the Fulton City School District since she started back in 1970.

As Becker pulled into the bus garage for the last time, she was greeted by fellow drivers, honking their horns. Teary eyed, she stepped off bus 478 and was welcomed into the arms of her children, grandchildren, administrators and students who were there to surprise her.

“Congratulations, you are a prize,” said board of education Vice President Rosemary Occhino.

Carson Metcalf, who just graduated from G. Ray Bodley High School, presented Becker with a bouquet of flowers, posters made by students, a framed article from The Raider, a signed farewell book and a 2012 year book.

The yearbook includes a dedication to Becker in the front of its pages.

Metcalf, a writer for GRB’s student newspaper and aspiring meteorologist, organized the surprise. Becker is his bus driver and has deeply inspired him.

“She is one of my favorite people and an incredible person,” he said. “Not often do school bus drivers get the recognition they deserve, so its nice to be able to do something for her.”

Metcalf acknowledged that at one point he aspired to be a school bus driver, simply because he wanted to inspire others, just like Becker has inspired him.

More kind words were said about Becker, including comments from her colleagues.

“She’s given everything she has to her run. She’s a sweet little old lady and she’s going to be greatly missed,” said school bus driver Debbie Alton.

School bus monitor Daryl Cobb of bus 198 echoed Alton’s remarks. “Martha is the sweetest lady you will ever meet in your life,” said Cobb. “I’m going to miss her a whole mess.”

Becker makes runs to all of the schools in the Fulton City School District and also transfers elementary students to Granby for swimming.

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Valley Viewpoints: Job well done

by David Cordone, Fulton Board of Education member

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to those who performed their civic duty in voting on the recent school budget and for the candidates who had entered the race for two open seats on the Fulton Board of Education.

The margin of support for our schools was amazing! Thank you! Although this election cycle provided fewer interested candidates than the last cycle, the priorities and issues facing public education remain significant for the children of our community, our state, and our nation.

Fulton is fortunate to have an outstanding school district, a teaching staff that is comprised of outstanding educators and administrators, and community members who are willing to volunteer their service on our school board.

I wish to congratulate Rosemary Occhino her re-election and Daniel Pawlewicz on his election success to return to the Fulton Board of Education.

As experienced board members, I trust and know that they will continue to place the needs of our students first as I have served with them both.

The Fulton City School District was fortunate to have three outstanding candidates seeking election to two available seats on the board this cycle.

As one of our candidates was not able to be successful, I must take this opportunity to share my gratitude as a parent, fellow board-member, and as an educator to Robbin Griffin for her 21 years of service on the Fulton Board of Education.

Only those who have served in this capacity can relate entirely to her commitment to our collective cause.

Robbin has served as a highly effective school board member, in my opinion, not only locally, but she has been a presence in that role at the state and national levels as well.

As I began my board service with Robbin 11 years ago, I can attest to her immeasurable passion and leadership skill, her depth of knowledge, willingness to hear and imagine multiple perspectives, her commitment to the Fulton City School District, but most importantly that her only motivation through it all was our children and students, and the opportunities they deserve.

Our community, our school district, but most importantly the children and students of the Fulton City School District are the beneficiaries of Mrs. Griffin’s vision and her commitment to and her love for our community. This is her legacy as a leader.

It is with great privilege as a colleague that I must say, “Job well done, Mrs. Griffin.

You have been a tremendous leader and mentor to your colleagues, and you have set the bar very high for those who follow you in service.”

Valley Viewpoints: Regents Reform Agenda

by William Lynch, Fulton Superintendent of Schools

I am writing to provide our community members with a new update about the changes occurring in our classrooms and schools across the Fulton City School District as we implement the New York State Regents Reform Agenda, which is aligned with the federal Race to the Top Plan.

The New York State Board of Regents has made significant changes in what our students are learning in school and how their learning  is assessed.

The goal of the Board of Regents initiative is that upon graduation from high school all of our students will be better prepared for college level course work and they will be ready for a career in the work place.

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Valley Viewpoints: ‘No more’

by Stephen Chapple of Fulton

Our school district and library are at it again.

The library wants a second bite of the apple and more money. I have been to the Fulton library and did not see anything that I couldn’t get on my home computer.

As far as I’m concerned, we could close the library and I wouldn’t miss it at all.

I believe that it is a unnecessary drain on this community. I would rather see a new business come in and who is going to pay taxes, than a library who doesn’t not pay, but continually asks for more money.

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Fulton City School District kindergarten registration set for April 12

The Fulton City School District is holding kindergarten registration for children who turn five years old by Dec. 1, 2012.

April 12, kindergarten registration is happening at every elementary school in the Fulton City School District.

The times for registration at the elementary schools will be from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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Granby winner – Granby Elementary School student Lindsey Benthin and her mother, Jessica Shaffer, were recognized for their participation in the Fulton City School District’s “It’s COOL 2B in School” attendance campaign.

Fulton students recognized as part of ‘It’s COOL 2B in School’ Campaign

Granby winner – Granby Elementary School student Lindsey Benthin and her mother, Jessica Shaffer, were recognized for their participation in the Fulton City School District’s “It’s COOL 2B in School” attendance campaign.

According to Fulton City School District officials, good attendance is critical to school success.

The district launched the “It’s COOL 2B in School” attendance campaign during the 2011-2012 school year to raise awareness about the importance of good attendance habits.

The district recognizes that being in school, arriving on time and ready to learn are habits that are essential to being respectful, responsible and safe members of the community.

As part of this awareness campaign, more than 2,000 Fulton students and their families signed a pledge committing to good attendance habits. Good attendance will not only help students succeed in school, but will lay the foundation for habits that will support their success in college or a career, officials said.

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Fulton Board of Education looks to fill $550,000 budget gap

Master of strings – Fulton students performed at the Education Center for members of the Fulton Board of Education Tuesday night as part of Music In Our Schools Month. -Valley News photo by Nicole Reitz

by Nicole Reitz

Audience members heard more of the same during Tuesday’s meeting of the Fulton Board of Education.

The school district is looking to fill $556,384 in its budget and is waiting for additional state aid.

The first draft of Fulton’s 2012-2013 budget shows an increase of 3.37 percent or a $2 million change from the current year’s spending plan.

If Fulton were to keep programming and services as they are now, it would create a deficit of more than $2.5 million.

The district has proposed to use $2 million from its reserves, but it’s not enough, according to Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch.

The deficit of more than $500,000 must either be met through additional state aid or through cuts.

“To make further reductions will cause us to have to take some things away,” said Lynch. “As we look at our operations, we look at how we bargain and we’re continuing to look at that.”

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