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Conflict-of-interest? Another questionable bid surfaces in county

by Carol Thompson

For the third time in less than a year, a vendor competing for business in Oswego County has protested the manner in which county officials conduct the bidding process.

And, as in the past, there appears to be a relationship between the favored vendor and a county official.

The most recent complaint involves a bid for HVAC maintenance for the county’s facilities. During the Nov. 27 meeting of the legislature’s Infrastructure and Facilities Committee, a bid award was made to Postler and Jaeckle, the third lowest bidder.

Legislator John (Jay) Martino made the motion to award the bid to Postler and Jaeckel, with Legislator David Holst providing a second to the motion. EMCOR submitted a bid in the amount of $78,887, making the company the lowest bidder. Van Hook Services came in as the second lowest with a bid of $79,423. Postler and Jaeckle submitted a proposal for $82,980.

Although EMCOR and Van Hook were the lowest bidders, the committee rejected the bids claiming, “The reference checks and known past performance of these firms indicate that neither would perform adequately.” There was nothing in the file to indicate that the companies had been vetted.

Building and Grounds Director Bill Malone and then-purchasing director Fred Maxon recommended Postler and Jaeckle receive the bid award based on the past performance of the low bidders.

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County lacks vendor appeal policy

by Carol Thompson

Despite both written and verbal protests from a vendor, Oswego County awarded a contract to a company for trucks that did not meet bid specifications.

Documents obtained from the county and from Stadium International Trucks of Syracuse, show a trail of complaints from the time of the July bid opening through mid-September.

The Oswego County Legislature’s Infrastructure and Facilities Committee awarded a bid to Tracey Road Equipment of East Syracuse at the July 26 meeting in the amount of $81,248. Robert Carson of Stadium had been lodging complaints of unfair bidding practices both verbally and in writing prior to and proceeding the contract award.

According to county Purchasing Director Fred Maxon, there is no appeals process in the purchasing policy.

“We don’t have that in our policy,” he said, adding that he would take something to the committee in November to consider.

Maxon said he will draft an appeal policy after reviewing those of other counties and give it to the county attorney to go over before presenting to the jurisdictional committees.

New York State Office of General Services, the department that handles the contract procurements for the state, has a vendor protest policy that states interested parties may submit a formal dispute in writing and request a ruling within 10 business days of specification release or a contract award.

“The Contracting Officer will consider all information relevant to the dispute, and may, at its discretion, suspend, modify, or cancel the disputed procurement action prior to issuance of a formal dispute decision,” the state guidelines note.

A protester has the right to appeal a decision made by the state and a final determination is issued within 20 business days of receipt of the appeal.

The state’s protest policy does not preclude a vendor’s right to seek and pursue remedies through the judicial process.

The Infrastructure and Facilities Committee rescinded the bid award to Tracey Road Equipment at the Sept. 25 meeting following an executive session without public explanation.

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County rescinds contract after vendor complains

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Legislature’s Infrastructure and Facilities Committee rescinded a bid award from Tracey Road Equipment after another vendor complained about the process and was prepared to go to the state with his allegation of unfair bidding practices.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the committee voted to go into executive session to discuss several issues, including a purchasing matter.

When the committee reconvened, the contract for bid #32-12 was rescinded. All bids were subsequently rescinded and legislators approved sending the request out for a re-bid.

During the July 26 meeting of the committee, legislators approved the award of a contract for one or more 2013 low profile crew cab chassis and 10 foot dump body with a pintel hook.

Purchasing Director Fred Maxon announced that the county solicited by direct mail to 18 vendors, legal advertising and the purchasing web site.

Four bids were opened July 17 and the committee approved the contract be awarded to Tracey Road Equipment for $81,248 per unit. The county intended to purchase two units.

John Paradis of Stadium International, who had submitted a proposal, questioned the process the committee used to award the bid.

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Legislators try to award bid to local vendor

by Carol Thompson

Try as they may, members of the Oswego County Legislature’s Infrastructure and Facilities Committee couldn’t find a way to award a bid to a local vendor.

The county received four bids for the purchase of four pick-up trucks for the highway department.

Holselton Chevrolet, Inc. of Rochester was the low bidder at $126,147 while Burritt Motors of Oswego was the second lowest bidder at $128,874.

Legislator Louella LeClair, who is not a member of the committee, said she didn’t understand why the bid couldn’t be awarded to Burritt especially since the difference was only a couple thousand dollars.

She questioned the difference in the sales-tax rate. She was told that government agencies do not pay sales tax.

She then asked about delivery of the vehicles. “Are they going to charge us more for delivery, coming from Rochester?” LeClair asked.

County purchasing director Fred Maxon answered that delivery is included in the price.

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