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Workers seek cause of reactor shutdown

by Andrew Henderson

Entergy’s FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant experienced an automatic reactor shutdown Sunday night at around 9:53 p.m. As of press time, the cause of the shut down was still being investigated.

“The plant is in a safe and stable condition,” said Tammy Holden, communications specialist. “Safety is Entergy’s top priority and this event posed no threat to the health and safety of our employees or the public.”

The automatic reactor shutdown was as a result of a main turbine trip that occurred while regularly scheduled turbine testing was being performed, said Holden.

Nuclear power plants are built with “defense-in-depth” safety design and construction.

“Every nuclear power plant has multiple back-up safety systems, including an automatic safe shutdown mechanism that initiates in response to certain conditions or plant indications,” said Holden.

“The FitzPatrick plant responded according to its design following the turbine trip and all plant safety systems responded as expected.”

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