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Valley Viewpoints: A ‘UNIQUE’ exhibit

by James Karasek of Granby

The other evening I had the privilege and pleasure to be at the Everson Art Museum in Syracuse for the opening of the UNIQUE art exhibit.

This is a collection of art work that ranges from poetry, to sculpture, quilting, and framed media in pencil, paint, watercolor and other materials.

All of this art work is created by people that range from as young as 11 to a robust age of 90.

The Everson Art Museum did a fantastic job of creating the magic in this display. The artists come from several upstate counties and submit the work to ARISE, which submit the work to be evaluated for which pieces will be printed in the annual UNIQUE magazine.

I was absolutely blown away by the quality of each piece and the efforts that were put forth to create each of these works of art.

To read the accompanying cards with each one not only containing the name, age and county of residence but a short description of the disability each artist lives day in and day out with is beyond description, when you stand there and see the work and read of the artist.

My highlight was watching a young lady with autism see her work on display in this phenomenal  museum and the pride she had that her art was hanging on that wall was matched only by the look in her parents face as they stood there and watched her.

For those precious moments, there was no longer a disability to contend with — just a parental admiration of what their daughter has accomplished.

The UNIQUE exhibit came to our county last year and there are plans for it to return yet again this year.

I encourage everyone to watch for the announcement of date, time and location and please take advantage of this art exhibit and just enjoy the wonderment of what people are capable of doing.