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Oswego County Legislature approves bath salts legislation

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Legislature approved four resolutions that are now local law in regard to the sale and distribution synthetic drugs, more commonly known as bath salts.

During Thursday’s meeting, the four resolutions were passed unanimously with Legislator James Karasek excused from the meeting so that he could be in attendance at the New York State Association of Counties conference.

Prior to passage of the resolutions, several residents addressed the legislature.

Steve Olson, director of Oswego Hospital’s emergency department, urged the lawmakers to pass all four local laws.

“I myself have seen firsthand the patients under the influence of these substances,” Olson said. “Often times, you ask the patient what did they do and they say, ‘I am not really sure’.”

Teresa Woolson, who lost her son due to bath salts, said her son had struggled with the synthetic drug for a very short time.

“In early August, he found out from a friend that these synthetics were still available,” she said. “He walked into a store and bought the stuff over the counter — two and a half hours before his body was pulled from Lake Ontario.”

She said the problem with bath salts is becoming epidemic, adding that the drugs are a poison.

Oswego resident Duane Crasper said that not only should the synthetic drugs be banned, but the stores selling the pipes used to smoke illegal substances be outlawed as well.

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