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Bridge traffic patterns to change in July

by Nicole Reitz

Motorists that live and drive through Fulton have undoubtedly noticed the construction and bump signs on the city’s bridges.

The Oneida Street Bridge is having joint repairs and the concrete deck is being sealed. According to Fulton DPW Commissioner Dan O’Brien, this is routine maintenance and the repairs and sealing of the concrete deck will be completed in two to three weeks.

There is also a temporary signal on West Second Street in the flasher mode. This signal is for construction purposes.

Message boards will be activated on West Broadway a week before the light goes into three-color mode.

Owned by the state, the Route 3 bridge construction project will be in full swing this summer. The project is what contractors call “fluid,” so dates listed are tentative. Message board signs, informing the public that there will be a change in traffic patterns, will be erected June 22.

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