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Douglas Parkhurst

Carolee Ashby confession coerced? Police: ‘We take allegations very seriously’

by Carol Thompson A string of telephone calls purported to be from the family of confessed hit-and-run driver Douglas Parkhurst, alleging that his confession was coerced, is being taken seriously by the Fulton Police Department. “We take it very seriously,” said Fulton Police Sgt. Stephen Lunn. Since the time of the announcement that Parkhurst had(…)

Carolee Ashby’s family to appeal to U.S. Attorney’s office

by Carol Thompson The family of Carolee Sadie Ashby are hoping the U.S. Attorney’s office will give them an audience to hear their story and determine if criminal charges can be filed against the person who confessed to the hit-and-run death of the four-year-old. Carolee’s mother, Marlene Ashby, along with family members, met with a(…)

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