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Doug Malone

Legislators to discuss computer pornography behind closed doors

by Carol Thompson Oswego County Legislature Chairman Kevin Gardner said Wednesday that the matter of pornography found in a county highway department employee’s computer will be discussed during a closed-door executive session some time in the near future. There has been no updates on the issue since the April 11 meeting when County Administrator Phil(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Expect more of the same

by Doug Malone, Legislator I guess the news of senator Patty Ritchie’s endorsement of Michael Backus for county clerk means Oswego County residents can expect more of the same controversy and overspending if Backus is elected. Back in August, most of the Republican legislators voted to award a contract for the clerk’s office to IQS, the company(…)

Legislators want state to halt mandates

by Carol Thompson The large raise handed down by the state for Oswego County District Attorney Gregory Oakes sparked a discussion in regard to unfunded state mandates that are strapping the county coffer. During Monday’s meeting, the legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee approved the salary increase for Oakes, which will jump from $119,800 annually(…)

County approves money for solar project

County approves money for solar project

by Carol Thompson The Oswego County Legislature accepted $835 in additional funding for the Bunner Street complex solar energy project, bringing the total cost to $106,820. During Thursday’s meeting, a resolution to approve the additional funds was approved with little discussion. Legislator Doug Malone questioned if the project had gone out to bid. Legislature Chairman(…)

Oswego County mosquito surveillance plan receives funding

by Carol Thompson The Oswego County Legislature approved spending $18,436 for a mosquito surveillance program. The program involves marking mosquitoes with a fluorescent power to track them and is significant, county officials said, because it will help determine more precise information regarding locations, distance and time adult mosquitoes migrate. During Thursday’s meeting, Legislator Doug Malone(…)

Legislators spar over non-agenda committee items

by Carol Thompson Oswego County Legislator Doug Malone attempted to bring up two issues during Monday’s meeting of the legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee- but he was not allowed to speak. Malone, a member of the committee, wanted to address the issue of his failure to receive a financial disclosure form as well as(…)

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