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Archery program held annually in Oswego

by Rob Tetro

The Deerslayer Bowman’s Association in Oswego holds an annual Summer Archery Program for people of all ages. The program, taught by Brenda  Arnesen and Eric Broekhuizen, consists of two hour classes that are held once a week from June to August.

Arnesen and Broekhuizen are 4-H Certified and instruct 4-H Archery every Spring. There are 23 people taking part in their program this summer. These participants range in age from six to 42.

Instructor Brenda Arnesen feels that their program is insightful for younger people because they have a chance to learn how to succeed as a group while in a social setting. Though the participants are from different backgrounds, they are able to help each other learn and recall safety rules and equipment parts, while giving each other assistance if someone has a hard time shooting an arrow.

Arnesen hopes that participants come away from their summer program with a stronger interest in archery while remembering that safety is the biggest priority.

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