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David Hawthorne to seek full term as Fulton judge

by Andrew Henderson

After nearly two months on the job, Fulton City Court Judge David H. Hawthorne has decided that he likes it.

Hawthorne announced this week that he will be running for election this November for a full term of the position he currently holds.

Hawthorne was appointed city court judge by Mayor Ron Woodward Jan. 1. Hawthorne replaced Spencer Ludington, who was elected last fall to the county’s Surrogate Court judge.

Ludington was once appointed to Hawthorne as a mentor, but Hawthorne now describes that relationship as a now friendship.

Hawthorne said he is confident that he has the temperament and experience to perform the duties of the office of city judge faithfully and impartially.

He added that he also feels very comfortable with the position since he was appointed. “The competence and professionalism of the court staff is overwhelming,” he said. “I would like to continue in the tradition of Judge Ludington by doing what I can to perpetuate those qualities.”

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David Hawthorne sworn in as city judge

by Nicole Reitz

During Tuesday’s Fulton Common Council meeting, David H. Hawthorne was sworn in as Fulton City Court judge by his predecessor, Oswego County Surrogate Court Judge Spencer Ludington.

Dennis Hawthorne Jr. has agreed to take David Hawthorne’s place as an attorney representing the city on various legal issues.

Ludington won the seat as Oswego County Surrogate Court judge in November. Ludington was once appointed to Hawthorne as a mentor, but Hawthorne now describes that relationship as a now friendship.

“I’m extremely confident he’s going to be a fantastic judge and do a great job,” said Ludington.

Hawthorne has served some time as the city’s lawyer. He gave special recognition to Mayor Ron Woodward for appointing him and having faith in his ability to serve.

Woodward said that he was confident that a close and special relationship would continue under Hawthorne.

“Congrats to the appointment of Mr. David Hawthorne, he served the city well as a lawyer, his hearts always with the City and it will continue to be that way,” said Second Ward Councilor Dan Knopp.

Hawthorne has already begun the position and thanked the court staff for being patient with him during his first week. He was sworn in with the support of his wife, Lisa, and daughter, Olivia.