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Valley Viewpoints: Well done musical

As parents of a Fulton Junior High seventh-grade music student who had the opportunity and privilege to participate in the recent GRB High School musical of “Damn Yankees,” we would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to all who were involved in the musical.

First, we would like to thank and recognize Director Tom Briggs, Music Director Tom Nami, Assistant Director Rob Lescarbeau, and Choreographer Doreen Forbes.

Their leadership, guidance, work ethic, passion and skill taught, inspired, motivated and led their students to put on a production of the highest quality of which they (and we) can all be proud.  What a gift you give to our children and the community each year!

Second, since our son was one of the youngest members of the cast, we would like to thank all the high-school students who welcomed the younger members to the show, guided them, encouraged them and generally made them feel welcome and comfortable every day.

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Erika Johnson

Bodley Bulletins: March 7, 2012

Erika Johnson

by Erika Johnson

Tomorrow’s the big day for Quirk’s Players! The long anticipated showing of “Damn Yankees” starts at 7:30.

Can’t make it Thursday? There are three more showings. Friday and Saturday both have 7:30 p.m. showings while there will be 2 p.m. showing on Saturday as well.

Come support the cast and crew’s months of hard work! Tickets are $8 and $7 for senior citizens and children.

Last Friday was GRB’s first Jersey Shore dance. The dance was sponsored by FBLA and they had a good turnout!

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