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Legislators awarded bid despite competitor objections

by Carol Thompson

When Stadium International Trucks lost a bid by $200 to Tracey Road Equipment, Stadium officials began to complain to Oswego County officials that Tracey Road Equipment did not meet the advertised specifications.

Documents, obtained from the county and from Stadium International, show a trail of complaints from the time of the July bid opening through mid-September.

Despite Stadium International’s allegation that Tracey Road Equipment did not meet the specifications, the Oswego County Legislature’s Infrastructure and Facilities Committee awarded the bid to Tracey Road Equipment at the July 26 meeting.

County Highway Superintendent Kurt Ospelt signed a purchase requisition June 7, requesting “one or more, new and unused 2013 low profile crew cab chassis and 10-foot dump body with Pinter hook per attached specs.”

There were no specifications attached to the purchase requisition provided by the county. The purchase requisition does state that the recommended vendor is “Tracey” and lists a price of $81,248. The purchasing department received the requisition June 18.

An addendum to the bid states the opening date as July 17; however, the bid tabulation sheet gives the date of July 9 as the opening date. Tracey Road Equipment submitted three bids, according to the information provided by the county. One bid was for $81,979, another totaled $83,989 and the low bid was for $81,248 — the same price that is listed on the June 7 purchase requisition. Stadium International (Navistar) submitted a bid for $81,468.

Following the bid opening, for which a representative from both bidding companies was present, Stadium International officials allege their representative was denied a request to inspect the bid submitted by Tracey Road Equipment.

A telephone memo provided by the county shows Robert Carson of Stadium left a message for Purchasing Director Fred Maxon July 24 at 9:05 a.m.

In a letter dated July 25, faxed to Maxon at 10:09 a.m., Carson wrote, “I would like to go on record that my competitor did not meet the advertised specifications.”

It continues, “The bid called for an air ride cab suspension and it was not provided. Considering the low bid was $200 less than ours that did meet all the specifications, I am lost on the justification of the award.”

Carson further stated, “I have been responsible for municipal sales for 18 years with International and I still am amazed that Oswego County always can justify awards/purchases from one particular vendor.”

Carson concluded by stating that the award should have gone to Stadium International.

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