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Last of family trio divers prepares to bid Fulton adieu

by Rob Tetro

In the last decade, Steven Hanczyk and his two older brothers have all been apart of the Fulton varsity swimming party.

According to Coach Raina Hinman, in terms of performance and work ethic, there are many similarities between the three Hanczyk brothers. These similarities exist because Steven was willing to learn from his older brother, Dan, who learned from the oldest Hanczyk brother, Michael.

Each of the Hanczyk brothers brought tremendous ambition to Fulton swimming. They were also fueled by an immense desire to succeed on every dive. Hinman pointed out that whenever a challenge was met, each brother wanted to seek a tougher challenge that would be eventually met almost every time.

Steven has had a relationship with Fulton swimming coaches for many years. When he was in seventh grade, he began training with the varsity team. However, he began competing as an eighth grader.

The potential coaches saw in him was confirmed when he qualified for the Sectionals during his very first meet.

As Hanczyk learned from his older brothers, the desire to succeed at higher levels than they did naturally came to him.

Hinman noted that one of Hanczyk’s most memorable moments as a Fulton diver came when he set a new 11 dive record. This was a record that was previously held by his brother, Dan.

Despite the desire that each of the Hanczyk brothers were known for, Hinman pointed out that it wasn’t easy for the youngest Hanczyk brother to accept that the record he set was replacing a record that Dan worked so hard to achieve.

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