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Five seniors left their mark on Fulton boys tennis team

by Rob Tetro

The Fulton boys varsity tennis team was impacted by this year’s group of seniors.

Mitch Lalik, Joel Monaghan and foreign exchange students Javier Pajaron (Spain), Diogo Lopes (Brazil) and Yann Taddei (France) all made the most of their senior seasons.

In fact, the impact these seniors had on their teammates proved to be undeniable, according to Coach Matt Goodnaugh.

Goodnaugh noted that how the seniors went about their business trickles down to the younger athletes. As it was this season, everyone worked harder while coming away from the season a little more confident than they were when it began.

Goodnaugh said that next year’s group of seniors will want to go about their business the same way with the hopes of exceeding the achievements of this year’s team.

Early on this season, Fulton lost three hard fought matches all with scores of 4-3. When the Red Raiders played two of those teams again during the second half of the season, they turned the tables and won 4-3.

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