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Experienced Fulton volleyball team to take the court this fall

by Rob Tetro

Fulton Varsity Volleyball Coach Caroline Richardson is looking for her team to be one of the top teams this fall.

If Richardson team is able to accomplish the coach’s first goal, then it will be on to the next goal: winning a sectional title.

Both of Fulton’s immediate and long term goals are goals that are within reach because of the players who are on this year’s team, the coach said.

The team will feature six seniors who have a lot of experience.

Richardson credited her team for the effort they have put in during the off season. She said that most of her players have been able to maintain the physical condition that she expects of them.

At this moment, Richardson has not named captains. She leaves process of naming team captains up to her players.

Richardson clearly described to her players what she expects from a team captain. Once the players understand what she is looking for in a team captain, Richardson allows her team to nominate the players who best meet her criteria.

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