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Oswego County outlines summer paving schedule

by Carol Thompson

Approximately 11 miles of road will be paved this year by the Oswego County Highway Department.

Much of the cost of the improvements will be paid through the New York State Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program, which is more commonly known as CHIPS.

The Town of Granby will see 1.40 miles of road paved from the county line to South Granby Road. The joint west of VanAukin Road east will be paved in Boylston for a distance of 1.30 miles.

Dutcherville Road in Constantia will be paved from N.Y.S. Route 49 for 3.10 miles and one half mile of Fawn Lake Road is slated for paving in Orwell. One mile in Parish will be paved from N.Y.S. Route 69 to Bidwell Road.

The Town of Richland will receive 0.80 miles of new paving from the railroad tracks to U.S. Route 11 and Williamstown will receive just under a mile of paving in two locations.

The Town of New Haven is slated for 1.50 miles of paving from N.Y.S. Route 104 to County Route 51A and Orwell is on the schedule for 0.70 miles of new pavement.

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Widow seeks affordable health insurance

by Carol Thompson

A widow with three young children is finding that affordable health insurance is something out of reach and that there is little assistance for those in her situation.

The woman has been struggling to find affordable health care for seven months to no avail. Prior to the unexpected death of her husband, the young widow was insured by Blue Cross/Blue Shield through his employer. Upon his death, she said she was immediately dropped.

For a few months, she was on COBRA until the cost jumped to $1,100 per month for health coverage and $400 per month for dental coverage.

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Legislators hope to establish their own sales-tax rate

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Legislature’s Finance and Personnel Committee passed a memorializing resolution Tuesday in support of allowing counties to establish local sales tax rates up to four percent.

Bills currently under consideration in the Senate and Assembly are designed to provide counties permanent authority to control their own local sales tax rate up to four percent.

The proposed legislation would reduce waste and redundancy in state and local legislative procedures by ending the unnecessary practice of requiring state approval and renewal for local sales tax rate changes, including the cumbersome and inefficient biennial renewal of the one-percent sales tax extension currently utilized by nearly every county, the resolution states.

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Confusion over state mosquito funds

by Carol Thompson

The announcement by New York State Senator Patty Ritchie that the state will provide $150,000 to battle the mosquito problem has left some residents, and even some legislators, in confusion.

The announcement was interpreted by some to mean that Oswego County would receive all of the funding. That is not the case, according to county officials.

The funds will be split between Oswego, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga, Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties. It is not known how much money each county will receive.

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Legislator calls for correction of errors in county resolution

by Carol Thompson

A resolution in opposition of the memorandum of understanding between New York State and the federal government to speed development of wind towers in Lake Ontario’s eastern basin apparently contained inaccurate information that one legislator wanted corrected.

During Thursday’s meeting of the Oswego County Legislature, the accuracy of the third paragraph of the resolution was questioned by Legislator Amy Tresidder.

The paragraph states, “Whereas, it is always wise to learn from your neighbors’ mistakes — although initially embracing offshore wind turbines in Lake Ontario, after experiencing negative economic and environmental consequences, the Province of Ontario has now placed a moratorium on any further construction of offshore wind turbines pending further study.”

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Oswego County parks are now tobacco-free

by Carol Thompson

During Thursday’s meeting of the Oswego County Legislature, a resolution was approved that prohibits smoking at Camp Zerbe, Camp Hollis, and Independence Trail.

The “Young Lungs at Play” initiative helps to eliminate children’s exposure to secondhand smoke and other tobacco products. Signs are posted in the parks and nearby playground areas to remind smokers not to smoke or use tobacco products on the premises.

There will be one designated smoking area at Camp Hollis and one at Camp Zerbe.
The Tobacco Free Network of  Oswego County will provide signage at all three parks.

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Oswego County mosquito surveillance plan receives funding

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Legislature approved spending $18,436 for a mosquito surveillance program.

The program involves marking mosquitoes with a fluorescent power to track them and is significant, county officials said, because it will help determine more precise information regarding locations, distance and time adult mosquitoes migrate.

During Thursday’s meeting, Legislator Doug Malone questioned whether the money that is going to be used to tattoo the insects would be better spent on eradication efforts.

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Amy Tresidder to declare Senate candidacy tomorrow

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County Legislator Amy Tresidder will declare her candidacy for the 48th District Senate seat tomorrow.

Tressider, a Democrat, will challenge Republican senator Patricia Ritchie in the November election.

Tresidder will kick off her campaign in Canton at noon, followed by Watertown before heading to Oswego to make her announcement.

A native of St. Lawrence County, Tresidder moved to the city of Oswego 33 years ago. She is serving her second term in the legislature.

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