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Poetry Corner: Breaking News

by Jim Farfaglia

 Breaking News


Another local paper shifts on-line.

Another step closer to the day

when a new morning no longer means

holding the latest edition in our hands.


No more news hot off the press;

breathing in a hint of fresh ink

as we scan the headlines,

deciding which story will start our day.


No comic strips tickling us, row after row.

No pages folded just so, to tackle the puzzle.

No obituaries to clip

in order to hold our loved ones a bit longer.


Sure, they promise it’ll all be on the screen:

just a click to find out what’s new,

with pictures and video to color those stories –

but that could never replace


how good it feels to stretch out at the day’s end,

slowing down as we slowly turn each page,

bringing a quiet moment to the end

of another newsworthy day.