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Blue Christmas service at Fulton’s Prince of Peace Church

A Blue Christmas service will be held Wednesday, Dec. 19 at7 p.m. at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 64 Gillespie Rd., at the intersection with Route 176.

A time for refreshment and friendship will follow.

The service is sponsored by Prince of Peace and its Oswego faith partners, Grace Lutheran Church and the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection. Rev. Richard K. Klafehn is pastor.

“This time together is an opportunity near the darkest and ‘Longest Night’ of the year for those who are feeling blue — and for those who love and care for them, to name their hurts, losses, pains, and anguish, and to give them to the Christ child — and to receive his Christmas peace and promise in a quieter, gentle, loving way,” the pastor said.

“In the holiday season so many people appear so happy with great expectations, but others do not feel the cheer,” the pastor added. “Because of the loss of relationships, job, or health, grieving the recent or impending death of loved ones, or being in the midst of a crisis, they are struggling and feel even sadder, hurting, lonely, and left out. Christmas season can be exceptionally hard, because they have to hide their hurt. This is an opportunity to be honest about these feelings, to come together, and to share the gentle comfort and promise of Christmas.”