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Three Oswego County bridges slated for repair

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Legislature’s Infrastructure and Facilities Committee authorized approximately $900,000 to be used for the repair of three bridges.

When the committee met Tuesday, the request was made by county Highway Superintendent Kurt Ospelt.

The County Route 11 bridge over the south branch of Little Salmon River will be repaired with decking and beams, Ospelt noted.  The Black Creek Bridge over Black Creek in the Town of Volney is also slated for repair. The state has given the bridge a structural yellow flag and if deterioration were to continue, the bridge would eventually have to be closed.

Also yellow-flagged is the County Route 35 bridge over Catfish Creek in the Town of Palermo.  Ospelt said it is a narrow bridge that will be widened to two lanes.

Most bridges have a standard 30-foot width, he added.

All of the work will be done in-house and is expected to be completed by fall.

The County Route 11 bridge will be the first to go under construction this spring as it won’t interfere with the school bus routes, Ospelt noted.

The committee also approved the transfer of $85,000 from the capital reserve fund into a capital project account to pay for a new roof on the welding shop, located in Parish.

Ospelt said the roof “leaks pretty good” and is beginning to deteriorate the underlying plywood sheeting and roof trusses of the structure.

Committee members also agreed to transfer two insurance checks to cover the cost of materials lost in a theft from the Parish garage and plow damage into the highway fund.

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