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Bird decoys

bird decoys
Leon Archer

by Leon Archer

It’s amazing how another year has flown; here we are past Christmas with New Year’s celebrations a couple days away, and to me at least, it hardly seems possible.

It has been a good year with great times spent with family, no really bad things happening to any of us, and Sweet Thing and I have been able to spend some time working on projects that we really enjoy.

She has been working away on quilts with her sisters once a week when we are in the area. I have been making a few decoys, catching some fish with my grandchildren and I had the pleasure of watching Nathaniel complete his first shore bird decoy in time to give it to his father and mother for Christmas.

Nathaniel and I have been learning together how to make shorebirds and I think he might be better than I am at it. He is a good learner and has been able to apply everything that

I have taught him and understands the rational for making decoys that will fool birds, while at the same time not looking like real birds frozen forever in wood.

We don’t make wooden birds with burnt in feathering or every single feather painted perfectly in place. Our birds are impressionistic and pattern painted.

All the old decoy makers made blocks that would fool wild birds long enough to get them into easy range for shooting. None of those old hunting decoys would fool any of us into believing they are real.

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