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Fulton school budget approved by voters

by Nicole Reitz

The Fulton City School District’s $65.3 million budget received approval from voters Tuesday. The 2013-2014 school budget passed with an unofficial count of 381 to 200 votes.

In addition to the passing of the budget, incumbent board member David Carvey and newcomer Christine Plath were also elected for three year terms. In the unofficial count, Carvey received 489 votes while Plath received 469 votes. Plath will replace Brian Hotaling, whose term expires on June 30. Carvey has already served two years on the board of education.

There was a smaller voter turn out than in years past, but Superintendent Bill Lynch said he is pleased with the outcome and number of voters in favor of the budget. The budget set out what it meant to accomplish.

Since the budget was first introduced, the goal has been to maintain and grow learning opportunities for students of the district. With no staff reductions or cuts to programming, the board feels that this budget achieves that.

Despite a modest tax increase, the 2013-2014 budget relies less on the reserve balance, which puts the district in a positive position for next year, said Lynch.

Since the vote passed, there is no need for the board of education to adopt a contingency budget.

School project increases to $8.8 million

by Nicole Reitz

Fulton Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch outlined some changes made to the 2012 capital project during Tuesday’s Fulton Board of Education meeting.

The total available debt limit for the project is $9.7 million, which means the total cost of the project will be raised from $7.5 million to $8.8 million.

The extra funds means that the district will be able to include all priority one and two items as well as some stage work at the Education Center Auditorium that was removed from the 2007 capital project.

The reason for the change in debt limit available is due to the timing of the 2012 referendum, debt payments during the 2012-2013 year prior to borrowing, and the postponement of BOCES borrowing.

The district will borrow $350,000 from the capital reserve and 97 percent of the capital project work will be paid with state aid. The bump in funds will maximize the amount of work that can to be done, but a contingency is figured into the amount incase something comes up during the construction phase.

“There is more breathing room in this capital project then there as in the 2007 capital project,” said Kathy Nichols.

“By a long shot,” Lynch agreed.

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Fulton wrestlers come out to support junior varsity coach

by Nicole Reitz

A lengthy two-and-a-half-hour Fulton Board of Education meeting Tuesday began with an emotional public forum.

Several members of the junior varsity wrestling team and their parents attended the meeting to raise concerns about a coach whose reputation has been questioned.

The wrestling coach is also a teacher in the school district. To protect his identity, the coach’s name was withheld throughout the public forum.

The coach in question allegedly showed inappropriate behavior with a student or students. It was unclear of what nature the inappropriate behavior was.

The allegation was brought to the attention of Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch. At this time, no action has been taken.

Lynch said that the allegation was a personnel matter, but did say that every coach in the district is evaluated yearly. At that time, the performance of the staff is monitored as well.

“All coaching positions are year to year appointments,” said Lynch.

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Valley Viewpoints: Regents Reform Agenda

by William Lynch, Fulton Superintendent of Schools

I am writing to provide our community members with a new update about the changes occurring in our classrooms and schools across the Fulton City School District as we implement the New York State Regents Reform Agenda, which is aligned with the federal Race to the Top Plan.

The New York State Board of Regents has made significant changes in what our students are learning in school and how their learning  is assessed.

The goal of the Board of Regents initiative is that upon graduation from high school all of our students will be better prepared for college level course work and they will be ready for a career in the work place.

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Fulton Board of Education looks to fill $550,000 budget gap

Master of strings – Fulton students performed at the Education Center for members of the Fulton Board of Education Tuesday night as part of Music In Our Schools Month. -Valley News photo by Nicole Reitz

by Nicole Reitz

Audience members heard more of the same during Tuesday’s meeting of the Fulton Board of Education.

The school district is looking to fill $556,384 in its budget and is waiting for additional state aid.

The first draft of Fulton’s 2012-2013 budget shows an increase of 3.37 percent or a $2 million change from the current year’s spending plan.

If Fulton were to keep programming and services as they are now, it would create a deficit of more than $2.5 million.

The district has proposed to use $2 million from its reserves, but it’s not enough, according to Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch.

The deficit of more than $500,000 must either be met through additional state aid or through cuts.

“To make further reductions will cause us to have to take some things away,” said Lynch. “As we look at our operations, we look at how we bargain and we’re continuing to look at that.”

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