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Oaks seeks study on minimum wage impact on agricultural industry

by Andrew Henderson

Assemblyman Robert Oaks has written to New York State Agriculture and Markets Commissioner Darrel Aubertine, asking him to begin analyzing how a proposed raise in the minimum wage will impact the agricultural industry in New York State.

The assemblyman was surprised to learn during the Feb. 4 state budget hearing that, in spite of supporting a higher minimum wage, the department could not speak to the effect it would have on farming enterprises, particularly marginal operations.

“On February 4, 2013, I was present to hear First Deputy Agriculture Commissioner James Bays testify during the hearing on the Department of Agriculture and Markets’ spending plan for the next year,” Oaks wrote in his letter to Aubertine. “While there are many positives included for New York’s number one industry in the budget as proposed by Gov. Cuomo, I would like to share a concern that was raised during the testimony.

“I asked Mr. Bays if Ag and Markets had done an analysis on how an increase to the minimum wage would impact the agriculture industry in New York State,” Oaks added.

“He replied that the agency has not, that it was something that needed to be ‘zeroed in on.’ Mr. Bays indicated, however, that Ag and Markets does support raising the minimum wage because it would be more in line with the cost of living and it would stimulate spending.”

The assemblyman wrote that a higher minimum wage would mean increased costs.

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New York News: May 5, 2012

by Andrew Henderson

Elected officials are always coming up with ways to communicate with their constituents.

Probably the most popular way is Facebook.

After using Facebook for five months, Assemblyman Robert Oaks said it has greatly enhanced his efforts to better communicate with residents of 128th Assembly District, which includes Hannibal, Oswego and Minetto.

Since Oaks’ page went online in December, nearly 250 people have visited and clicked the “like” button.

“I’m pleased with the positive feedback I’ve received about the page, which is updated sometimes as frequently as two or three times daily,” Oaks said.

Recent wall posts have reminded people about the importance of shopping locally, informed them about prescription drug collection and celebrated the accomplishments of local residents.

*  *  *  *  *

The push to make using synthetic drugs a crime in New York State is gaining momentum.

The state Senate recently passed legislation to penalize users of synthetic drugs. Assemblyman Will Barclay said it’s the Assembly’s turn to adopt legislation.

“This is the next step to combating these drugs,” said Barlcay. “There has to be consequences for users, similar to how marijuana or illegal narcotic users are penalized.”

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