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Jerry's Journal317

Jerry’s Journal: March 17, 2012

by Jerry Kasperek

So much feedback from my last column about “characters” from Fulton’s past and so little space to cram it all in!

Dick Gillespie e-mailed me to say Chick Tallman’s father, Vernon Tallman, was the custodian of the Presbyterian Church and that as young people Chick was often with the group.

Dick said on Oneida Street they had “Hawshaw, a tall lankly fellow who was seemingly always on the road (walking) and the story was told he refused a lift because he was always in a hurry!” (Note from Jerry: I think Hawshaw’s first name was George.)

Dick said the tracks in front of city hall, in the photo with my article, were of the Syracuse-Oswego Trolley and that Art Jones was the authority on the trains (in their high school class) and he misses chatting with him on occasion.

Thanks, Dick for the input. I also knew Art Jones, but in later life and as one of the friendliest guys around. His standard greeting was “Good to see you, good to see you, good to see you,” and I believe he really meant it! May he rest in peace.

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