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Oswego Industries receives contract from Coast Guard

Oswego Industries has been awarded an AbilityOne contract to produce winter dress blue shirts for the United States Coast Guard.

The contract, signed in February, is the result of the company’s efforts to grow the Textile Manufacturing division with new product production to increase the mission on training and employment of persons with disabilities, military disabled and assistance of all people with barriers to employment.

This is the third military contract secured by Oswego Industries and is scheduled to begin production in May. The five-year contract will produce 1,780 units in the first purchasing year.

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County E-911 employees to receive overdue overtime pay

by Carol Thompson

Employees of the Oswego County E-911 department who were paid for regular time hours when working overtime are expected to receive compensation for the amount they were shorted.

The legislature’s Finance and Personnel Committee voted Tuesday to transfer $56,460 from the contingency account to cover the cost of the additional payments owed to the impacted employees.

For 15 years, the E-911 Center has operated on a 12-hour rotating shift with no built-in overtime as agreed to by management, employees and the union representing the employees, according to an information memo submitted with the resolution to authorize the budget transfer.

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Leaders react to proposed Congressional district lines

by Carol Thompson

A federal court judge has redrawn the lines for the state’s congressional districts and the leaders of Oswego County’s two major political parties are in agreement that the division of the county would not be good for the residents.

“I strongly support Oswego County to be whole,” said county Republican Committee Chairman Mike Backus.

Oswego County Democrat Committee Chairman Mike Kunzwiler echoed the same sentiment. “I would have liked to see the county remain whole,” he said.

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One Tahoe purchase approved, another withdrawn

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Legislature’s Finance and Personnel Committee approved the purchase of a new Tahoe for the emergency management department while a resolution for a second Tahoe was never considered.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the committee unanimously approved the expenditure of $27,000 for an emergency management vehicle to replace a Tahoe with 77,000 miles that had been referred to as a “death trap.”

Last week, the legislature’s Public Safety Committee also approved the purchase of another Tahoe to be used by EMS Coordinator James Jones.

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County in good financial shape

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County Treasurer John Kruk and Chief Accountant Mark See presented the 2011 annual financial report to members of the legislature’s Finance and Personnel Committee Tuesday and the final word was that the coffer is in good shape.

The local fund equity is at $60,040,089, with the unassigned fund balance at $31,700,746. The unassigned fund balance, formerly referred to as the unappropriated fund balance, is down $5,664,451 from 2010.

The insurance reserve I down $12,504 from 2010 with a balance of $645,164.

Sales tax accounted for $4.6 million in revenue, with increased gas prices attributed as the reason for the increase.

The total real property tax levy increased and the generic tax rate decreased due to Entergy being back on the tax rolls. The 2011 tax levy was at $37 million.

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New York News: March 10, 2012

by Andrew Henderson

Assemblyman Will Barclay had a simple suggestion when he attended a recent briefing of the Assembly Energy Committee: update aged transmission lines and put more energy on the grid.

Barclay today attended the briefing with members of the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers). Barclay is a member of the committee and a proponent of renewable as well as nuclear energy.

Both nuclear and renewable energy have the ability to support and create more high-paying jobs in the Central New York region and put more energy on the grid, the assemblyman noted. Creating more power would lower the cost of energy for businesses in New York, he added.

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Maple syrup producers to host Maple Weekends

Several maple producers will host tours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, March 17 and 18, and the following weekend, March 24 and 25, for the New York State Maple Producers Weekends.

Red Schoolhouse Maple, 2437 Co. Rte. 4, Palermo, offers visitors the opportunity to see the latest technology in maple sap collection and syrup-making.

There will be an all-you-can-eat pancakes and sausage, along with snowshoeing/walking tours of the sugar bush, sled dog demonstrations, coloring contests, and tours of the maple production process.

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