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The Oswego-Fulton chamber of Commerce is putting on “A Night of the Stars” from 6 to 8 p.m. May 12 in the Sheldon Ballroom at SUNY Oswego.

Tickets are $20 for chamber members and $25 for non-chamber members. They are available on the chamber website at under the events tab.

The event is a celebration of small businesses as a kick off to Small business Week.

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Colleen’s School of Dance to hold recital May 16

Colleen’s School of Dance in Phoenix is having its 26th annual dance recital at 7 p.m. Friday, May 16, at John C. Birdlebough High School auditorium. The event is sponsored by the Phoenix Marching Band and Colorguard Boosters.

Phoenix baseball continues to win

By Rob Tetro

The Phoenix varsity baseball team won its last three games and now has an overall record of 6-2.

On April 22, the Firebirds topped Skaneateles, 7-0. Phoenix rolled past Jordan-Elbridge, 13-2, on April 25 and they beat county foe, Pulaski, 6-1 on April 28.

In the Skaneateles game, the Firebirds jumped out to a 2-1 lead in the first inning. The next two innings were scoreless, but then Phoenix continued to add to its lead.

Phoenix outscored Skaneateles 3-2 during the fourth inning for a 5-3 lead. Then in the fifth, the Firebirds pulled away, scoring six unanswered runs to push their lead to 11-3. Skaneateles did cut into the lead by scoring two runs in the sixth, but couldn’t make up the deficit as Phoenix won 11-5.

Leading the way for the Firebirds were Dan Frawley and Bryce Plante, with 2 hits and 2 RBI against Skaneateles. Following Frawley and Plante was Emilio Tassone with 2 hits, Codie Corso had a hit and 2 RBI, Zach Schlacter, Bradley Dietz and Dylan Borza added a hit and an RBI each while Jordan Jock and Zachary Wells chipped in a hit each.

Emilio Tassone earned the win on the mound for the Firebirds, throwing 6 strikeouts while allowing 5 runs off 8 hits in 6 innings pitched. In relief of Tassone, Dan Frawley threw a strikeout in an inning of work.

In the Jordan-Elbridge game, Phoenix wasted little time establishing a lead, going to 2-0 in the first inning. Following a scoreless second inning, Phoenix began cushioning its lead, scoring five unanswered runs during the third and fourth innings to take a 7-0 lead.

The Firebirds quickly put the game out of reach, outscoring J-E 6-1 during the fifth inning to extend the lead to 13-1. The Eagles scored in the sixth inning to cut the deficit to 11 runs, but that was it as Phoenix cruised to a 13-2 win.

The Firebirds were led by Emilio Tassone with 3 hits and 4 RBI including a homerun. Following Tassone was Dan Frawley with 3 hits and 2 RBI, Bryce Plante had 3 hits, Jordan Jock chipped in 2 hits and 3 RBI,   Bradley Dietz added 2 hits and Dylan Borza and Zach Schlacter combined for a hit and an RBI.

Dan Frawley earned the win for Phoenix on the mound. In six innings of work, Frawley threw 10 strikeouts while allowing 2 runs off 6 hits. In relief of Frawley, Bradley Dietz threw a strikeout in an inning pitched.

The Firebirds jumped out to an early 1-0 lead over Pulaski in the first inning and the piled it on from there. They outscored Pulaski 3-1 during the second inning to take a 4-1 lead. Phoenix then scored two more runs in the third en route to a 6-1 win.

Leading the way for Pulaski were Mike Haskins, Dylan Hess, Kody Koehler, Matt Krebs, Cody Mosher and Tom Taplin with a hit each.

On the mound, Erik Oakes started the game for Pulaski, throwing a  strikeout while allowing 5 runs off 3 hits in 2 innings of work. In relief of Oakes, Tom Taplin threw 2 strikeouts while allowing a run off a hit in 4 innings pitched. Cody Mosher threw a strikeout in one inning of work.

Phoenix was led by Zach Schlacter with 2 hits and 3 RBI, followed by Dan Frawley with a hit and an RBI and Bryce Plante with a hit.

Jordan Jock earned the win on the mound for the Firebirds. In 6 innings pitched, Jock threw a strikeout and allowed one run off six hits. Bradley Dietz earned the save in an inning of work.

County legislature considers closing 4 transfer stations

By Debra J. Groom

A report will be issued by the end of May on how Oswego County can close four of its transfer stations by the end of 2015.

Department of Solid Waste Director Frank Visser said he, County Executive Philip Church and County Attorney Richard Mitchell have been directed by the county Legislature to come up with a plan to permanently close the transfer stations in Hannibal, Hastings, Oswego and Pulaski. Only Bristol Hill in Volney would remain open.

The report will be presented to the county Legislature’s Infrastructure, Facilities and Technology Committee. Continue reading

County health clinics for the week of May 12

The Oswego County Health Department offers a variety of services to all residents of Oswego County, including preventive health services, certified home health care, long-term home health care, certified hospice, and a maternal and child health program.

Walk-in influenza clinics are held weekdays from 9 to 11 a.m. and 1 to 3 p.m. at the Nick Sterio Public Health Clinic, 70 Bunner St., Oswego for people age 19 and older. No appointment is needed; walk-ins are welcome.

Children’s flu vaccine is now available every Tuesday from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. in Oswego, and the third Tuesday of every month from 9 to 11 a.m. at the H. Douglas Barclay Courthouse, Pulaski.

The children’s flu vaccine is available at no cost to all children who qualify for the Vaccines for Children Program provided by the New York State Department of Health. For those who do not qualify, the cost is $37 for the inactivated vaccine.

The health department accepts cash or checks for payment. The department does not accept credit or debit cards. Patients with private insurance, Managed Medicaid, Managed Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare, and Medicare Part B should bring their benefit cards with them to the immunization clinic.

No one will be turned away due to inability to pay.

The following services will be offered during the week of May 12 at the Nick Sterio Public Health Clinic, 70 Bunner St., Oswego, and the H. Douglas Barclay Courthouse, Pulaski.


** Adult Influenza Clinic: Monday through Friday, 9 to 11 a.m. and 1 to 3 p.m., walk-in clinic.

** Immunization Clinic: Tuesday, May 13, 12:30 to 3:30 p.m., walk-in clinic.

** Pregnancy Testing: Free pregnancy testing is available. Call 349-3391 to schedule an appointment.

** Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing and Treatment Services: Call 349-3547 to schedule an appointment.

** HIV Counseling and Testing Service:  Call 349-3547 to schedule an appointment.

Immunization clinics are held every Tuesday from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. at 70 Bunner St., Oswego, and the third Tuesday of every month from 9 to 11 a.m. at the H. Douglas Barclay Courthouse, Pulaski.

For more information about public health services, contact the County Health Department, weekdays, phone 349-3547 or (800) 596-3200, ext. 3547.

Dillon Middle lists Gold Star and Silver Star recipients

Emerson J. Dillon Middle School recently named those who earned Gold and Silver Stars for the third marking period.

Students are awarded a Gold Star for achieving a quarterly average of 90 or higher, with no incomplete or failing grades. A Silver Star is earned for a quarterly average of 85 to 89.99, also with no incomplete or failing grades.

In addition to receiving an award certificate provided by the E.J. Dillon PTO, honor students are also offered a reward activity. The reward for third quarter honor students will be a trip to a Syracuse Chiefs baseball game next month.

Grade 5 Gold Stars:

Isabella Allen, Shay Altman, Shayna Applebee, Christopher AuClair, Amaya Baker, Nicholas Bartlett, Ashleigh Besaw, Natalie Brown, Sara Brunell, Kelsie Burgess, Chloe Calkins, Kaelyn Cartwright, Cameron Cerul, Hannah Charleston, Emma Clark, Tabitha Clarkand Sophia Crandall.

Also: Abigail Czyz, Faith DeAnthony, Brielle DeRoberts, Hailey Fredericks, Francesca Goodell, Noah Gordon, Cierra Harvey, Mattison Hess, Alivia Lamphere, Miranda LaRobardiere, Jock Li, Owen Lytle, Zack Mills, Joslyn Mintonye, Garret Morrissiey, Kylie Mulcahey, Alex Olschewske, Imari Piscitelli, Andrew Quinn, Connor Roberts and Lily Roberts.

Also: William Semanchuk-Enser, Aiden Southworth, Isabella Stacy, Liam Sweeney, Benjamin Thibault, Corinne Thibault, Zoie Tracy, Melody Trask, Aidan Trumble, Thomas Uhl, Mason Watkins

Grade 5 Silver Stars:

Chase Altman, Gracie Altman, Haley Bowersox, Alexander Coons, Kolby Costello, Haley Crossett, Dylan DeBarth, Haylie Dodge, Alivia Eusepi, Emma Fatcheric, Ethan Fox, Madison Gaca, Alexis Gambocorto, Axel Gates, Bryce Grover, Katherine Holbrook, Amanda Justian, Lillyann Kingsbury and Nathan Kosakowski.

Also: Aliyah Ladd, Elizabeth Lamach, Patricia Lamach, Jacob LaRocque, Tori-Lenn Loosen, Robert Minard, Rocco Mistico, Victoria O’Connor, Morgan Petrie, Nakea Rebensky, Tyler Redhead, Keaton Renfrew, Roemello Rondinello, Brett Sears, Katrina Smith, Garrett Strang, Caitlyn Sutkus, Sophia Trinca, Molly Werth, Courtney Worden

Grade 6 Gold Stars:

Violet Ameele, Grace Arnold, Cade Bacon, Rachel Blake, Garrett Bowman, Michael Dion, Matthew Doane, Elisabeth Dona, Darren Fischel, Alexandra Galle, Caitlin George, Hailey Goudy, Allison Grabowski, Samuel Guthrie, Cassadee Handville, Samantha Harrison, Keera Hazen, Laila Jones and Madison Kalt.

Also: Katelyn Kenner-Carbonaro, Jena Klimaszewski, Zaya Koegel, Brigid Lawless, Tina Li, Bradyn Lough, Anthony McCann, Joseph Murphy, Savanah Neupert, Gregory Ojiem, Skyler Patnode, Ethan Remington, Jillian Ricard, Alan Seever, McKenna Squier, Jacob St. Laurent, Daniel St. Phillips, Tamika Stobart, Sarah Thorn, Teresa Uhl, Nicholas Vaverchak, Grace Vestigo

Grade 6 Silver Stars:

Emma Allers, Riley Belknap, Olivia Bigelow, Mason Bresett, Jadan Bruno, Brianna Buonagurio, Alexis Capenos, Danielle Case, Jeffrey Cooper, Riley Crandall, Patrick Davern, Mackenzie Davis, Camron Fordyce,  Julia Francisco, Leah Green, Adam Hahn, Nicholas Harrington and Andrew Hemingway.

Also: Carly Ingerson, Paige Isabell, Natalie King, Morgan Kosakowski, Lauren Kraft, Julianna Lewis, Hailey Liscomb, Chloe Lytle, Matthew Maestri, Christian McKay, Alexandria Mills, Caitlyn Mitchell, Taylor Petrie, Love Phillips, Aubrianna Renfrew, Vanessa Rivera, Lilly Salotto, Leah Schlachter, Briana Schreffler, Ayden Slack, Chase Trumble, Nicole Tulowiecki, Matthew Walker, Madison Watkins, Seth Watkins

Grade 7 Gold Stars:

Annabelle Adams, Gabriella Allen, Kearra Backus, Marcus Berube, Erika Brown, Gianna DeRoberts, Brianna Gates, Hannah Gilbert, Xander Harrison, Declan Hawthorne, Kimber Hendrix, Megan Hess, Emilie Hilliard, Morgan Johnson, Ashley Kenner-Carbonaro and Wendy Li.

Also: Ashley Margrey, John Matzke V, Alayna Merrill, Makayla Newvine, Olivia Ripley, Kristine Rowe, Mariah Sheirer, Crystal Stobart, Olivia Thrall, Joshua VanGorder, Garrett Watkins, Edward Zellar, Natasha Zody

Grade 7 Silver Stars:

Maggie-Lee Basile, Madison Bird, Daniel Braun, Cole Britton, Christopher Caltabiano, Abigail Clark, Hannah Edwards, Allison Ernestine, Matthew Francis, Robert Fredericks, Kirsten Greenleaf, Bryon Halstead, Caroline Harrington, Courtney Holland, Ethan Hunt, Christian Johnson, Jeffrey Lamach and Trevor LaRobardiere.

Also: Danielle LeFebvre, Taylor Mattice, Erin McArdell, Emmalie McIntyre, Riley Munger, Michaela Murdie, Leo Murray Jr., Makenzie Nodine, Jacob Palmatier, Dakota Palocy, Caytlyn Prickett, Gabriel Rebensky, Hannah Root, Hannah Sallis, Payton Scruton, Mairin Sgroi, Joshua Smith, Colton Winks, Mark Zogg

Grade 8 Gold Stars:

Gabrielle Crandall, Alyssa Goudy, Morgan Gravlin, Natalie Hart, Zoe Heckert, Alexandra Hoag, Megan Maestri, Emily McDonald, Breanna Mitchell, Catherine Musumeci, Lauren Schmidt, Sean Sievers, Alexis Smith, Brianna Squier, Haley Stellingwerf, Alisa Trudell, Ben Vienneau, Kaitlin White, Leila Wooding, Julianne Yates

Grade 8 Silver Stars:

Dixon Ameele, Andrew Avery, Hunter Bell, Mikalah Bell, Scott Bell, John Blackwell Jr., David Burgess Jr., Lorenzo Campanino, Jordan Cole, Julie Daubek, Victoria Dievendorf, Jonathan Downing, Devin Dubovik and Emily Forget.

Also: Becka Fuller, Dakotalee Gelling, Brandon Germain, Hannah Grabowski, Trinity Green, Bradlee Hess, Brittney Hunter, Corinne Januszka, Nina Lewis, Gabriella Liberty, Jacob Marr, Ethan Murakami-Hamm, Jacob Murphy, Bailey Otter, Lawrence Pilon, Dana Stoutenger, Zachary Tulowiecki, Jordan Williams, Cheyenne Wilson, Kolbey Young, Paul Zogg.

Phoenix softball goes 3-3 in last 6 games

 By Rob Tetro

The Phoenix varsity softball team won 3 out of its last 6 games and now has a 3-7 overall record.

The Lady Firebirds cruised past Hannibal in both games of an April 17 doubleheader. Weedsport knocked off Phoenix, 7-0 April 21. On April 22, the Lady Firebirds held off Skaneateles, 10-8.

Jordan-Elbridge topped Phoenix, 13-7 in Game 1 of an April 26 tournament. In Game 2, county foe Mexico tripped up the Lady Firebirds, 8-3.

In the first Hannibal game, the Lady Firebirds jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the first inning and the pulled ahead in the second inning, scoring 15 unanswered run en route to a 16-0 win.

The Lady Firebirds rolled past Hannibal in Game 2, 25-2.

Hannibal was led by Malana Scott with  a hit against Phoenix. Kurstin Hammond led the Lady Warriors on the mound, allowing 16 runs off 8 hits in 2 innings of work.

Leading the way for the Lady Firebirds were Megan Brown and Cheyenne Wilson with 2 hits and 2 RBI each, followed by Skyler Mace with 2 hits and an RBI and  Alicia Midlar and Jada Jackowski with a hit and RBI each. On the mound, the Lady Firebirds were led by Megan Brown, who had 7 strikeouts and allowed 1 hit in 3 innings of play.

In the Weedsport game, Weedsport jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in the first inning. After a scoreless second inning, Weedsport scored during the third inning to take a 2-0 lead.

The score remained the same until the sixth inning, when Weedsport scored 5 runs to cap off a 7-0 win.

The Lady Firebirds were led by Megan Brown and Jada Jackowski with a hit each. Cheyenne Wilson pitched 3 innings, striking out 2 while allowing 2 runs off 4 hits. In relief, Megan Brown threw 5 strikeouts while allowing 5 runs in 3 innings of work.

The Lady Firebirds took an early 2-0 lead in the first inning against Skaneateles.  After Skaneateles stormed ahead, Phoenix scored to cut the lead to 4-2 during the bottom of the third inning. Skaneateles maintained a 2-run lead after both teams scored 3 runs each during the fourth inning.

The Lady Firebirds pulled ahead during the fifth inning, scoring 3 runs to take a 9-7 lead over Skaneateles. Both teams scored a run each during the sixth inning but Skaneateles was unable to get any closer as Phoenix escaped with a 10-8 win.

Leading the way for the Lady Firebirds was Megan Brown with 3 hits and an RBI.  Following Brown was Jada Jackowski with 2 hits and an RBI, Cheyenne Wilson had 3 hits, Shannon Dolan chipped in 2 hits and Taylor Chesbro, Gabrielle Esposito and Skyler Mace combined for 2 hits and an RBI.

Megan Brown pitched a complete game for the Lady Firebirds, throwing 17 strikeouts while allowing 8 runs (4 earned) off 2 hits.

In the Jordan-Elbridge game, the teams were scoreless after the first inning. The the Eagles jumped out to a 4-0 lead in the second.

After a scoreless third inning, Phoenix answered back, outscoring J-E 4-1 during the fourth inning to cut the lead to 5-4.  The Lady Firebirds went on to tie the game at 5 during the fifth inning.

Then J-E put the game out of reach in the sixth inning, outscoring Phoenix 8-1 to take a 13-6 lead. Phoenix was able to score once more during the seventh inning but that was as close as they could get as J-E won 13-7.

The Lady Firebirds were led by Shannon Dolan with 2 hits and 2 RBI, followed by Megan Brown with 2 hits and an RBI,  Skyler Mace with a hit and an RBI, Isabella Garofalo with 2 hits and Alicia Midlar and Kimberly Holbrook with 1 hit each.

On the mound, Phoenix was led by Cheyenne Wilson who threw 7 strikeouts in 5 1/3 innings pitched, while allowing 9 runs (4 earned) off 9 hits.

Megan Brown pitched in relief of Wilson with 2 strikeouts while allowing 4 runs (3 earned) off 1 hit in 1 2/3 innings of work.

In the Mexico game,  the Lady Tigers took a 2-0 lead over Phoenix in the second inning. Following a scoreless third inning, Mexico added to its lead in the fourth,  scoring 3 more runs to take a 5-0 lead.

Phoenix cut into Mexico’s lead during the fifth, outscoring Mexico 2-1 to cut the lead to 6-2. But Mexico put the game away down the stretch, outscoring Phoenix 2-1 during the sixth to come away with a 8-3 win.

Leading the way for Mexico was Kendra Harter with 2 hit, followed by Victoria Lee, Brooke Wills and Brianne Jessmore with a hit each. Kennedy Lamb pitched a complete game for Mexico with 3 strikeouts while allowing 5 runs off 3 hits.

Phoenix was led by Jada Jackowski with a hit and an RBI, followed by Megan Brown, Taylor Chesbro, Skyler Mace and Alicia Midlar with a hit each. On the mound, Megan Brown pitched a complete game, throwing 10 strikeouts while allowing 8 runs off 5 hits.

Phoenix began its season 0-4, with losses to Solvay 19-0, Westhill 20-9, Bishop Ludden 8-4 and Skaneateles 5-1.

In the Solvay game, Solvay jumped out to an early 8-0 lead and then kept piling it on for the 19-0 win. Kimberly Holbrook, Garbrielle Esposito and Megan Brown led Phoenix with a hit each. Megan Brown and Cheyenne Wilson pitched.

Westhill already was leading by 11-0 in the third inning in its game against Phoenix. The Lady Firebirds began to battle back in the fifth and sixth innings, but could not overcome Westhill.

Leading Phoenix were Jada Jackowski, Cheyenne Wilson and Skyler Mace. Wilson also pitched.

The Lady Firebirds built an early lead over Ludden, but then Ludden scored 8 unanswered runs and Phoenix couldn’t overcome the lead. Taylor Chesbro, Skyler Mace, Shannon Dolan, Kimberly Holbrook and Jada Jackowski led the Lady Firebirds while Megan Brown threw a complete game.

Against Skaneateles, the Lakers led after four innings and didn’t look back. Megan Brown had the lone hit against the Lakers and she also pitched a complete game, with 17 strikeouts.