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Pomp and circumstance: Find your local school’s graduation

Area high schools are holding their commencement exercises next weekend.

  • Mexico Academy and Central School, Mexico: 7 p.m. Friday, June 27 at High School Athletic Field. In case of rain, the ceremony will be held in the gymnasium.
  • Hannibal High School, Hannibal: 7:30 p.m. Friday, June 27 at Lockwood Auditorium, Hannibal High School
  • G. Ray Bodley High School, Fulton: 10 a.m. Saturday, June 28 at the Fulton War Memorial
  • J.C. Birdlebough High School, Phoenix: 10 a.m. Saturday, June 28 at JCB Gymnasium
  • Oswego High School, Oswego: 10 a.m. Saturday, June 28 at SUNY Oswego Campus Center

Odds and ends from the managing editor

By Debra J. Groom

It’s time for a few updates on what’s been going on at The Valley News.

First off, let me wish everyone a happy summer and happy bass season. Summer starts today and I welcome all that comes with it — warmer temperatures (not hot, mind you, just warm, say 80 degrees), sunshine, camping, flowers, fresh veggies and fruits, sleeping with the windows open and of course, fishing. Continue reading

Family mourns lost ‘daughter, sister, mother,’ Carol Wood

Alison Grunberg, left, speaks at a memorial vigil for her sister, Carol Wood, whose car was removed from the Oswego River at this spot last week. At right is their mother Louise Pepe. A wreath at right was thrown into the river at the conclusion of the event.
Alison Grunberg, left, speaks at a memorial vigil for her sister, Carol Wood, whose car was removed from the Oswego River at this spot last week. At right is their mother Louise Pepe. A wreath at right was thrown into the river at the conclusion of the event.

By Debra J. Groom

Family members of Carol Wood, who has been missing since August 1996, threw a wreath and a bucket of red and white roses into the Oswego River Wednesday where Wood’s car was found last week. Continue reading

Fulton Art Association selects competition winners


First place drawing B
First place drawing B
First place 3D metal
First place 3D metal
First place acrylics
First place acrylics
First place ceramics
First place ceramics

The Fulton Art Association has announced the winners of the eighth annual High School Invitational Art and Photography Show.

A total of 88 students from high schools in Fulton, Hannibal, Oswego and Phoenix school districts submitted 103 pieces of artwork in fourteen different categories. The show was created to help provide encouragement and guidance to high school artists and provide them a venue to display their talent and artwork.

Marsha Wheeler Marcarian, Arts-In-Education Coordinator for Oswego County BOCES, and Carolyn House Mosier, long-time FAA member and instructor at Cayuga Community College, Fulton, judged the show this year, which was held at the Fulton Municipal Building in early March.

The award for Best of Show went to Mike Edwards, an 11th grade student from Oswego, for his Computer Graphic Art entry entitled Self Portrait which included the Oswego Lighthouse reflected in his sunglasses.

In the Three-Dimensional category, Laurelann Easton (12th grade – Oswego) took first place with her metalwork entry entitled Violate Text Bracelet. Molly Brown (11th grade – Oswego) took second place with her jewelry entry, Geared to Fly along with Leah Shay Jones (11th grade – Oswego) for her Release Text Bracelet. Honorable Mention went to Childhood Memory, Metal by Aviriana Follet (12th grade – Oswego).

 In the Acrylics category, first place went to Maria Musemeci (11th grade – Phoenix) for her portrait painting, Fia. Second place was shared by Gianna Girafalo (12th grade – Phoenix) for her Black Bear canine painting and Brenna Riley (11th grade – Oswego) for Sundae Honorable Mentions were awarded to Nicole Fitzgerald (11th grade – Phoenix) for Weaping Tree and Taylor Simpson (12th grade – Fulton) for Aboriginal Original.

In the Ceramics medium, Aviriana Follet (12th grade – Oswego) won first place for her Volcanic Safehaven entry

Two second place were granted to Cassondra Orr-Savage (12th grade – Fulton) for Life Through Henna and Hans Reichow (12th grade – Hannibal) for his Waldgeist. 

Honorable Mentions were given to Jessica Allen (10th grade – Phoenix) for Clay Shark, Morgan Butterfield (12th grade – Oswego) for Silver Geared Teapot, Courtney Johnson (12th grade – Oswego) for Steam Punk Teapot, Emily Leonard (12th grade – Fulton), Elizabeth Reitz (12th grade – Fulton) for Animal Kingdom, Seth Rogers-Miller (12th grade – Fulton) for Tesselate, and Emily Schneider (11th grade – Phoenix) for Cookie Jar and Nesting Bowls.

 First place in Digital Photography was granted to Christian Knox (12th grade – Hannibal) for Marsh Reflections. Two second-place were granted to Dylan Cummins (12th grade – Hannibal) for Bum and Bailey Milliken (11th grade – Hannibal) forTrace of Light. Honorable Mentions were given to McKayla Long (10th grade – Hannibal) for Glowsticks and Lindsey Wheeler (11th grade – Hannibal) for Autumn Breeze.

In Drawing A (pencil, graphite, charcoal), first place went to Oswego 11th grader, Allie Henderson for her pencil drawing,  Masquerade. Second place was awarded to Meghan Anderson (11th grade – Oswego) for Silence and Carolina Nicole (12th grade – Hannibal) for Tree Study. 

Honorable Mentions were given to Katie Bradshaw (10th grade – Oswego) for Tranquility Before the Storm, Carrie Gilbert (12th grade – Oswego) for Spilt Soup, and Marissa Martin (12th grade – Phoenix) for Baby Willow.

In Drawing B (colored pencil, Prismacolor), first place went to Reilly Patrick (11th grade – Oswego) for Time Will Tell. Second place was shared by Reilly Patrick for Rusted Workshop and Carolina Nicol (12th grade – Hannibal) for Vintage. 

Honorable Mentions were awarded to Meghan Anderson (11th grade – Oswego) for Does It Snow in Heaven, Katie Bradshaw (10th grade – Oswego) for In the Eye of the Beholder, Christian Cabanlig (10th grade – Oswego) for Anonymous Gift, Makala Carson (11th grade – Oswego) for Feathers, and Meghan Rowe (10th grade – Phoenix) for Grandpa.

In Drawing C (markers, pastels, pen/ink), first place was awarded to Carolina Nicol (12th grade – Hannibal) for Rolling Forms, second place to Kathy Pittorf (11th grade – Hannibal) for Pastel Abstraction, and an Honorable Mention to Darian Stobart (11th grade – Phoenix) for Angel.

 In Painting Mixed Media, an Honorable Mention was given to Jessica Morgan (9th grade – Oswego) for her Steeple at Night.

 In Printmaking, two Honorable Mentions were given to Morgan Haynes (9th grade – Oswego) for Harings Hersheys and Michael Leach (12th grade – Phoenix) for Discombobulation.

 In the Watercolor category, a first place was awarded to Meghan Lentz (12th gr – Phoenix) for Jay Walk in the Woods. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Isabela Gonzalez (12th gr – Fulton) won second place.

 Local vendors who sponsored the show were David Mirabito, Fulton Savings Bank, Medicine Place, Mimi’s, Pathfinder Bank, and Spencer and Anne Ludington.

 All students in the four districts (including LEAH and Oswego Co BOCES students from those districts) are allowed to participate in the High School Invitational competition. All students are also welcome to join the Fulton Art Association and participate in its annual show that takes place in May.

For information, contact President Kathryn Mihalek at 532-3803.