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その中で引越見積もり相場の安い業 引越し見積もり 者の口コミなどをいろいろと調べ、
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The Sportsman’s World

Leon Archer, Outdoors Columnist - Leon has been writing “The Sportsman’s World” column since 1985. He is a five-time first place winner of the New York State Outdoor Writers Association’s Excellence In Craft Award in addition to numerous other writing awards. He is currently an active member and vice president of the New York State Writers Association. His column covers a wide range of outdoor topics far beyond just hunting and fishing.

Trophy hunting

by Leon Archer Recently, I was invited to go on an African safari, and I had tentatively agreed to go, because it is one of those things on my bucket list, but after much thought and soul searching, I decided not to go. My cost would have been very reasonable and even after factoring in(…)

Florida visitors

by Leon Archer The best thing about being in Florida this winter is the weather. I usually cannot get out on the river fishing enough, but as I have noted, the fishing is tough and shows no signs of improving. I have located several oyster beds that are so chock full of large shellfish that(…)

Views on hunting

by Leon Archer Two weeks ago, I wrote the first of what will be several articles exploring my thoughts or views on hunting. It may already have appeared to some that I am in the process of writing a defense of hunting. While that might be an understandable translation of the last hunting column, let(…)

Winter garden

by Leon Archer Last week, I began a series on hunting, not a defense of hunting, but rather an exploration of it and I hope it may have caused you to examine your own views on hunting. As I continue the series next week, I hope you will be drawn into the conversation. If you(…)

More to hunting

by Leon Archer I have been thinking a great deal lately about hunting, not about going, but about what hunting is. I have been a hunter for most of my life, but it is just in the past year or two that I have taken the time to reflect on the hunter and the practice(…)

Indian River Lagoon

by Leon Archer I learned that the fishing was pretty slow around Sebastian so I have shifted my attention to the Vero Beach area, but I am mostly unfamiliar with that section of the lagoon. I can catch the same little nuisance fish there that I have often caught nearer our home here, but I(…)

Fishing with dad

by Leon Archer My father used to take me fishing often when I was a kid, and I have tons of memories from those days, and I learned an awful lot from him by listening and watching. I am a visual, hands-on learner. If someone shows me how to do something, I am much more(…)

Gone fishing

by Leon Archer “I’m going fishing.” That’s what I told Sweet Thing Tuesday morning. One way or another, I was going to be wetting a line at the inlet. I haven’t messed up on my New Year’s resolution. I have been getting in some writing and I have been sitting in the sun, sorting my(…)

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