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December 31st

by Jim Farfaglia

The days of our year
have been collected,
each placed in a sack
we have labeled 2012.

This bag has grown fat –
filled with April’s blossoms,
August’s dog days,
October’s tumble-leaves.

Now, near the year’s end,
time slows to a standstill,
the sack offering one last chance
to remember and reflect…

until we arrive at today,
the year bundled complete,
and we fall into slumber – awakening
to the empty sack of a new year.

Christmas Choir

Christmas Choir

by Jim Farfaglia


Maybe they were famous

in other grown-up ways:

Hollywood musicals, cowboy shows

or those sappy songs from olden days.


But for us ‘60s kids

who never knew the reason,

they were just joyful people, back again,

for another yuletide season.


Each of them brought us

their own special holiday song,

and we’d hear them in crowded stores

or on the radio all the day long.


One sang so holly jolly,

one of a nose so bright.

One got us rockin’ ‘round the tree,

another, dreaming of Christmases white.


And even though the rest of the year

we’d never hear them sing,

we knew that come December time

Gene and Burl, Brenda and Bing


would join together for a visit

to offer their lyrical cheer,

filling our hearts with hope

as Christmas Day drew near.

Christmas Bonus

Christmas Bonus

by Jim Farfaglia


You sit at the secretaries’ table,

nibbling hors d’oeuvres;

grateful for this holiday gathering,

for time away from the office routine.


I’m the DJ playing Christmas tunes,

sugarplum songs your boss purchased

to drown out the awkwardness

that keeps each table to themselves.


When you approach me with a smile

and whisper your request,

I nod to you, but think to myself:

There goes this party.


Still, I cue up your selection, and watch

as you retie your festive scarf,

breathe in the opening chords of your song

and step up to the microphone.


Your first timid words are lost to chatter,

but one by one, co-workers turn to your voice,

forget their gripes, and remember the magic

of a song sung true…


A simple yuletide carol

that lights our memories bright

and fills this humble room

with its message of the coming Joy…


As the last chorus fades

you return to your table, bathed in applause.

Dinner is being served,

but no one cares –


instead, we in this room

are only hungry for humanity,

and I watch as it’s offered:

Joy being shared, table to table.

Moving Pictures

by Jim Farfaglia

Moving Pictures


Nowadays we slip in a DVD

and watch stories on a small screen,

hoping they’ll dazzle us –

but they’ll never match the movies we saw

at the State and Avon Theatres.


The larger-than-life epics played at the State,

their grandness filling our imaginations;

while the Avon offered those cowboy serials,

such cliffhanging excitement

riding into town each week.


Matinees were 10 cents for kids,

60 cents for us teenagers,

and with the girls escorted by bow-tied ushers

and the boys following behind carrying popcorn,

we found the way to our favorite seats.


Then we’d relax back, awaiting that dream world;

the chandeliers hanging above us

like distant stars to reach for,

the curtains drawing open

like the beginning of a new life…


On the way home we’d stop for ice cream,

maybe a dance near the jukebox,

and the telling and retelling of our favorite scenes.

We were back in small-town Fulton, yes,

but with our dreams, it seemed, a bit closer.

Poetry Corner: Do You Want to Know a Secret

Do You Want to Know a Secret

by Jim Farfaglia

Walking the streets of a new morning,

whistling a Beatles tune;

surprised how easily it comes to mind.


Feeling its melody pick me up,

returning me to the soundtrack of my youth;

moved by those songs of long ago.


Recalling John and Paul’s harmony,

uncovering their groovy philosophies;

abandoned as a relic of the ‘60s – now


singing its way into this day,

tapping the shoulder of my settled life;

whispered, like a welcome secret.

Poetry Corner: Painting a Picture

by Jim Farfaglia

Painting a Picture


Thank you, honking geese,

for interrupting the routine of my busyness;

inviting me to lift my eyes from this computer

and witness something greater:


the grace of your V-shaped story line,

the neighbor’s dog leaping for you in chase,

the trees that reach to tickle your bellies

and the clouds that cushion your journey.


All which inspire me, far below,

to frame this moment of beauty,

so it might forever hang

in my memory.

Poetry Corner: Nature Knows

by Jim Farfaglia

Nature Knows


The potted plants are being attacked;

their soil suffering wound holes,

their dirt strewn ‘round the porch –

someone’s using them for storage.


The local groundhog drags a belly

grown full from his foraging,

making once last trip through my yard –

using himself for storage.


The deer show themselves less,

gunshots echoing their warning,

moving them deeper into the forest –

deeper into the dark


as a cricket fills the night air,

offering a song he’s practiced all season,

working on his finale –

ushering in the coming silence.

Poetry Corner: November Time

by Jim Farfaglia

November Time


The days arrive later,

the sun breaking through the long night

to shine on frosted backyards.


From his highest perch

a songbird waits for daybreak.

Deep into the morning, he finally sings.


Leaves count down the days,

falling toward winter. They pile up,

the world a giant hourglass.


The clocks have been turned back

and we inch forward,

to a quieter time, a resting time.