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その中で引越見積もり相場の安い業 引越し見積もり 者の口コミなどをいろいろと調べ、
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Poetry Corner

The Day He Broke Loose

by Jim Farfaglia The Day He Broke Loose   With tongue hanging from a droolish grin and galloping on legs left idle too long, he escapes the chains of his ordinary life.   Stopping in my yard to run in circles, freedom swirls around him, ‘til he’s downright dizzy with wonderment.   Then his nose(…)

Birds-eye View

by Jim Farfaglia Birds-eye View   It was a simple plan: Hang a feeder outside the kitchen window, buy seed to keep it filled – then sit back and watch the coming and going of life.   But what an unexpected bonus has swept in on colorful wings, what heavenly lessons have kept me filled(…)

Poppies – Late May

by Jim Farfaglia Poppies – Late May   For weeks they were only green furry eggs, each sitting atop a slim stalk, defying gravity.   Yesterday, they offered a peek of their promise, blushing like school boys at their first spring dance.   And today – right on time – three burst open, revealing their(…)

How We Used To Get Around

by Jim Farfaglia How We Used To Get Around   The first of us to travel on Fulton soil did so through the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other, getting places one step at a time.   In the 1700s, canoes got us moving, and they rapidly caught on. It(…)

May Mystery

by Jim Farfaglia May Mystery   Oh, lowly dandelion, sneakiest of all weeds, rising above the new-spring grass to proclaim yourself a sun-god.   There’s no controlling you, laying claim wherever you choose, and sending your root so deep it looks like you’re here to stay.   But wait! Maybe you are something regal, maybe(…)

Class Project

by Jim Farfaglia Class Project   Two children walked hand in hand to the art room, for a brush and brown paint, giving this two-liter bottle a natural look.   One lucky student was selected, under Teacher’s watchful eye, to cut an oval in its side.   A chatty group shredded old homework pages and(…)

Turning the Calendar

by Jim Farfaglia Turning the Calendar   Today we climb aboard another month and survey its uncharted waters, ready to begin our voyage on this shipful of promising days:   the watertight Monday-through-Fridays, those smooth-sailing weekends, and, off in the distance, the high peaks of holidays and harbor lights of the moon’s phases.   The(…)

Daybreak Curative

by Jim Farfaglia Daybreak Curative   The six of them wander into my yard, tender noses to the early-spring grass, searching for the sustenance our deep winter has denied them.   Different sizes, different shades of brown, and one, I notice, favoring a front leg; hoof grazing ground with each labored step. Wounded.   From(…)

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