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その中で引越見積もり相場の安い業 引越し見積もり 者の口コミなどをいろいろと調べ、
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Poetry Corner

Poetry Corner

By Jim Farfaglia College Bound   The night air streams in, car windows wide open, feeling the fullness of summer   and breathing in the beauty that Seals and Crofts are singing; treasuring it, for our tomorrows…   Old enough to know this endless fun will end. Young enough to wonder how we’ll learn to(…)

Poetry Corner

By Jim Farfaglia Game Land Where else can you choose to be a wheelbarrow or a race car, a top hat or a terrier – or a thimble, like you’d find atop Grandma’s finger?   Where else is it OK to take chances, freely dip into the community chest, or, with a roll of the(…)

Poetry Corner

Camp Nurse By Jim Farfaglia   Looking back she must’ve been fresh out of college, sporting a camp T-shirt and shorts – no starched whites and cap for her – as she checked each of us in with her free-flowing smile.   At the first campfire I found out she liked to sing, and to(…)

High Dive

by Jim Farfaglia My brother and I pedal like mad, leaving behind our quiet country road and weaving through the city’s busy life.   A dime buys us a locker key, we slip on our bathing suits – bare feet tiptoeing on cold concrete –   and enter the West Side Pool, with its endless(…)

After a Summer Storm

by Jim Farfaglia The sky pulls back its curtain and the world, light again, is revealed: Every flower, every greenery, battered by the rain, bows to its power. The oak and the maple, having gallantly faced the tempest, raise their arms in jubilation. Street and roadside streams, carrying tales of sound and fury, gather to(…)

Moon Moment

by Jim Farfaglia Moon Moment   At my first glimpse of you – just a comma in the evening sky – I pause,   my clouded vision my rainy-day blues my skyful of regrets   vanishing   with just the illumination of your slim, but undeniable truth: How everything that holds me down   crumbles,(…)

To the Class of ‘73

by Jim Farfaglia To the Class of ‘73   Forty years. Forty calendars hung anew. Forty rides on the wave of life…   But, oh, if we could ride that wave back to the banks of old Oswego, what would we find?   G.Ray overlooking Neatahwanta, Recreation Park just a homerun away; our cheers from(…)

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