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Poetry Corner: Roadside Garden

Roadside Garden

By Jim Farfaglia

I stopped by today
to say “thank you”
for starting and ending
all those Monday thru Fridays
with so much joy:

your lilies opening like waterfalls,
your proud purple irises
rising above waves of green,
your fish-and-loaves sundrops,
your eager-to-please daisies.

Day after day –
my head in a whirlwind
with a mile long to-do list –
I would slow down
for the stop sign at your corner

and be shocked into the moment
by your brilliance,
by your way with color,
by the sense you always made
of a sometimes senseless world.

Poetry Corner

Diversity Training

By Jim Farfaglia

The yellow of the first crocus,
the pink of a young rose,
the red of a newly-opened poppy,
the orange of a bursting marigold.

The flickering flame of iris,
the easy smile of daisy,
the shifting tones of sedum,
the long, hard climb of clematis.

The rising fists of mums,
the giggling hearts of pansies,
the crowning glory of coneflower.
The harmony found in every garden.

Poetry Corner

The Curve of the Moon

By Jim Farfaglia

On nights like this,
when more than the sky is dark,
I love how you lean back
and offer me your lap.

There I sit, watching, as the stars
answer my uneasy questions;
watching, as one gracefully
falls from grace.

And in this waning moment,
I find your age-old wisdom
that comes and goes,
pausing long enough to say,

“Nothing stays forever full,
but, then again,
nobody ever completely
fades away.”

Poetry Corner: ‘Crayola Sunrise’ by Jim Farfaglia

Crayola Sunrise

By Jim Farfaglia

Somebody’s been up early,

coloring with the orange, waking

the eastern corner of our sky.

They’ve added some yellow,

which brings to light

the promise of this new day.

Trading their black for blue,

they shaded a starkness into joy,

filling in spaces with possibility.

Up above, here and there,

they’ve drawn patches of white,

so dreams can float and ponder.

Then, off in the west

goes a silver star, a reminder

of where we’ve come from

and where it is we’re heading.

Poetry Corner: Green With Envy, by Jim Farfaglia

Green With Envy, by Jim Farfaglia

Just days ago I planted
those wrinkled, faded dreams;
now look, the peas are up,
showing off their brilliant greens!

They leaf out from the get go,
born ready to break through;
they seem to have a lot to say
and I’m glad to hear it, too.

For peas announce the dawn of spring,
they’re first—and they know it;
oh, to be young, sweet and tender
and not afraid to show it.

Poetry Corner: Miracle Workers, by Jim Farfaglia

Miracle Workers, by Jim Farfaglia

The farmer –
moving through unplowed fields,
turning soil with his tractor,
unlocking acres of room to grow.

The waitress –
balancing an armful of platters,
meandering through crowds,
delivering satisfaction piping hot.

The mechanic –
looking at worn out machines,
fiddling with this or that,
bringing to life what seemed hopeless.

But only a mother can do it all –
moving through each busy day,
balancing children and chores,
looking at details big or small,

delivering life so we all may grow.